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Located in the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and convenient to campgrounds, wineries, the New Jersey shore, and Atlantic City, Egg Harbor City often attracts a significant amount of traffic relative to its size. With so many recreational attractions nearby, both local and state police forces often patrol the roads and highways in and around Egg Harbor City. Arrests for Driving While Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence occur often as a result of this regular police monitoring of the area. If you have been arrested for DWI or DUI, the potential penalties can be not only embarrassing and time-consuming but also very costly. Even for a first DWI or DUI conviction, New Jersey law dictates harsh potential penalties under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, many of which may be mandatory if you are convicted of the offense. Potential penalties can include a suspension of your driver’s license for up to a full year, cumbersome ignition interlock requirements, and even up to 30 days in jail. If a Judge convicts you on a DWI or DUI charge, the penalties and fines that you must actually face will depend on the particular facts of your case. At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we are ready to help 24/7. Call us day or night for a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case and how we can help minimize the impact of your charges or even have them dismissed.

Arrested for DWI in Egg Harbor City NJ

In order to make an arrest for Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence, a police officer must have probable cause to believe that a vehicle’s driver was operating that vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance. If you are stopped for a traffic violation or at a checkpoint and the authorities believe that you might be intoxicated or under the influence, you may be asked to perform a series of Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s). Your performance on these tests will help the officer determine whether there is probable cause to make an arrest. These tests include the “Walk and Turn” test, the “One Leg Stand” test, and the “Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus” test. The officer will watch you perform these tests, looking for signs of impairment or intoxication according to certain guidelines suggested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our powerful legal defense team includes two attorneys who have been certified as SFST instructors, a certification which is rare among New Jersey defense lawyers. This certification adds depth to our defense team’s understanding of how the state’s case against you will be built and supported, and therefore also helps us gain insight into how best to defend you against these charges and the harsh penalties that can come with them. The other strategy commonly used by the authorities to support drunk driving charges is evidence of a driver’s blood alcohol content or BAC. In order to determine a driver’s alleged BAC at the time of operation of a motor vehicle, law enforcement authorities use the Alcotest 7110 machine to run a breathalyzer test, processing a sample of the driver’s breath to generate a BAC reading. Our skilled and knowledgeable defense team’s years of experience provide a solid base of knowledge of both New Jersey law and the workings of the legal system, allowing us to expertly navigate the legal landscape of your DWI case in order to minimize the impact of your BAC reading on the outcome of your case, or even have your BAC reading excluded as evidence so that it cannot be used against you.

Many of our distinguished attorneys have also served as municipal prosecutors in over 25 New Jersey towns. This significant experience with the inner workings of the legal system has helped our legal defense team build a thorough familiarity with the process, which we will put to work on your behalf in managing your case. Call us at 1-877-450-8301 any time, day or night, for a free consultation to discuss how our seasoned defense attorneys can help you reach the best possible outcome in your DUI or DWI case.

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