Credit Card Fraud

Buena Vista NJ Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Credit card fraud is considered a very serious crime in New Jersey, classified as a felony and punishable by serious penalties including fines and restitution that can amount to thousands of dollars, probation, and possible jail time. A skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer can help effectively guide you through the criminal justice system and negotiate a favorable outcome with the prosecutor in order to minimize penalties resulting from this serious fraud charge. At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys have years of experience defending credit card fraud charges, and we can often achieve results such as a downgrade in your charges, favorable plea bargain, or dismissal of charges.

Credit Card Fraud Laws in NJ

Since credit card fraud is a serious criminal offense in New Jersey and can result in stiff penalties, it is crucial to work with an attorney who is well versed in defending credit card fraud charges and navigating the legal system. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall handle matters in Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township, Hamilton Township, Absecon, Buena Vista and throughout Atlantic County. Our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience with credit card fraud matters.

New Jersey law defines the offense of Credit Card Fraud as follows:

A person who knowingly uses any counterfeit, fictitious, altered, forged, lost, stolen or fraudulently obtained credit card to obtain money, goods or services, or anything else of value; or who, with unlawful or fraudulent intent, furnishes, acquires, or uses any actual or fictitious credit card, whether alone or together with names of credit cardholders, or other information pertaining to a credit card account in any form, is guilty of a crime of the third degree.

(N.J.S.A. § 2C:21-6(h))

Penalties can include 3-5 years of jail time as well as fines and restitution that can amount to thousands of dollars. A criminal conviction for fraud charges can also significantly affect your life and your future, making it more difficult to find job opportunities and even affecting your access to educational opportunities. In order to avoid or minimize these serious consequences and their potential impact on your life, it is crucial to retain an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney who can effectively handle your case and negotiate the best possible outcome for you. As an indictable charge, and because credit card fraud is often accompanied by other charges such as theft by deception, further complicating the legal landscape of the matter, this type of charge truly requires a defense attorney well versed in the legal issues and complex legal framework of fraud charges. In addition to our carefully honed skill and years of criminal defense experience, many members of our powerful legal defense team are also personally familiar with the ins and outs of the New Jersey criminal justice system, since many of our attorneys have previously worked as prosecutors. Therefore, our defense team is perfectly positioned to expertly advocate on your behalf and carefully navigate the system to reach the best possible outcome for you. We are often able to reach agreements to reduce potential penalties, take advantage of alternative strategies such as pre-trial intervention, and even avoid convictions entirely.

Arrested for Credit Card Fraud in Hammonton NJ

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