Charged With Possession of an Illegal Handgun in Atlantic City?

Our Mays Landing Criminal Defense Firm Over 150 Years of Combined Experience Defending Handgun & Other Firearm Charges and Includes A Former Director of Major Crimes & Guns Task Force

Charges for possession of an illegal or unlicensed handgun in Atlantic City carries mandatory imprisonment so you need to hire a skilled lawyer to defend the charge.Countless legitimate gun owners from Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and other states consult our attorneys annually because they have been charged with possession of an illegal or unlicensed handgun. One of the largest blocks of individuals faced with this dilemma in New Jersey are tourist arrested at Atlantic City casinos after their revolver or pistol is discovered by a cleaning person, valet or under another circumstance. The shock that these licensed firearm owners experience when they learn what can happen when their case is heard in Mays Landing at the Atlantic County Superior Court is indescribable. As gun owners, members of the NRA and attorneys who routinely battle bona fide firearm charges every day, we appreciate just how unfair this situation can be to someone who is a law-abiding citizen.

Criminal Attorneys With Exceptional Credentials To Ensure That You Avoid A Conviction

We can offer significant hope for individuals caught in this net as members of a criminal defense team that is one of the largest in the state, has over 150 years of combined experience and includes a former guns task force director and an another who was the head of major crimes. Credentials like these are uncommon and what really counts when it comes to securing results. Rather than buying into the rhetoric you read on the internet, take a close look to see exactly who the lawyer is behind the words. How long have they actually been practicing law? What positions and experience do they really possess?  If you take a close hard look at credentials rather than rhetoric, we are confident that you will want to consult our Mays Landing Office at (609) 616-0020 to discuss your Atlantic City handgun charge.

The New Jersey Gun Law Imposes Stiff Penalties That Require Skilled Representation

The linchpin of New Jersey’s gun laws is the Graves Act. This provision requires that an individual serve at least 3.5 years in prison if they are convicted of possession of a handgun without a valid carry permit. This requirement produces unreasonably harsh consequences when the defendant is a law abiding citizen rather than someone selling drugs, committing a robbery, using the weapon in conjunction with some other illegal activity or otherwise having no business being in possession of a firearm.

Relief from the harsh consequences of the Graves Act can be achieved by a skilled and persuasive attorney in one of three way:

  1. Securing a Graves Act waiver so a probationary sentence may be imposed;
  2. Admission into the Pretrial Intervention Program (“PTI”); or
  3. Obtaining Dismissal of the Gun Offense.

The primary issue confronting those arrested for possession of an unlicensed handgun in Atlantic City is the fact that both a waiver and admission into PTI are essentially discretionary on the part of the prosecutor. This is an extremely problematic fact when you consider that there is a track record of denying Graves Act waivers or PTI by the Atlantic Prosecutor. To counteract this power, it is essential that you secure representation by a formidable gun lawyer who is not only highly respected by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office but committed to mounting the very best defense to the weapon offense.

Atlantic County Handgun Defense Lawyers

We certainly understand the stress you are experiencing given the stakes involved in your handgun case. Your feelings are reasonable given the extreme nature of the Graves Act. Our handgun defense lawyers can help you escape the pitfalls of this law and have a rich history of success in this regard — even in cases where the facts aren’t so innocent. Call us at (609) 616-0020 to speak to an attorney in a free consultation or to set up an appointment in our local office in Mays Landing. Attorneys on our staff are ready to speak to you 24/7 without obligation, including assisting you in obtaining pretrial release or representation at an initial appearance or at a detention hearing.


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