Drug Trafficking Group Caught in Camden

Drug Trafficking Group Caught in Camden

During an investigation raid, a drug trafficking network’s members, including the traders, co-leaders, purchasers, and also a county police officer and her husband, were caught and charged with the criminal offense of distributing drugs including crack cocaine and heroin. A total of forty people from different areas across South Jersey, including a former county police officer and a Camden resident Ashley Bailey, 28, have been charged on account of being associated with a drug network involved in the distribution of heroin and crack cocaine in the city and its suburban areas, making $1.2 million every year.

Assuring that they hold their personnel to the utmost values and do not uphold any tolerance for infringement of the people’s trust, Scott Thomson, Camden County Police Department Chief, said that they immediately took notice upon finding out about the former officer’s misdemeanor. The county police officials also said that Bailey was considered a good applicant and that they believe that no one else in the department is involved in such activities. The chief also said that initially Bailey was given the benefit of doubt and she was not immediately arrested until the investigations were completed.

Not only was Bailey involved in drug trafficking activities, she was also charged with leaking sensitive information. According to the prosecutor, Mary Eva Colallilo, Bailey could be sent to jail for a period of 30 years if found guilty of all the charges. She is currently charged with official misconduct, unlawful weapon possession, and suspicious behavior. The trio belonging to Cadmen including Donyell Calm, 31, Kareem Anderson, 33, and Nathan Ingram, 35, could be sent to the prison for 20 years as they are accused of running a drug trafficking group, possessingand intending to distribute Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS). Bailey’s Husband, Edwin Ingram, 30, was arrested and accused of conspiracy.

After the issuance of five search warrants, an operation was carried out in Camden in Haddon Township which resulted in the finding of drugs worth $85,000 this included 8,000 bags of heroin, 1,000 bags of crack cocaine, 10 pounds of marijuana, $11,000 in cash and four firearms, as well as an automatic rifle. Not only this but along Gazzara, 23, from Williamstown, a suspected associate of the drug trafficking ring, eight other members were also accused of CDS possession and possession with an intent of distribution.

17 customers were also caught during these raids. These customers belonged to different areas of South Jersey. Several other members including teenagers were also accused of possessing CDS. The Deputy Chief of Gloucester Township police, David Harkins believes that although the headquarters of this drug trafficking network are in Camden, it had been affecting the surrounding areas as well.

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