Hoboken Shoplifter Finally Caught

Hoboken Shoplifter Finally Caught

Hoboken NJ ShopRite Finally has Caught Alleged Repeat Shrimp Shoplifter

According to the reports released thus far, the Hoboken Police have finally arrested and charged a repeat shoplifter. The Defendant, a twenty-four (24) Jersey City native, was shoplifting bags of shrimp from a Hoboken ShopRite throughout the last few months. However, on Monday, the Defendant was finally caught in the act and discovered to be in possession of three bags of shrimp, totaling approximately $95. It appears that the ShopRite was aware of the prior two shoplifting incidents which occurred back in March, however, the Defendant was able to leave the store before they could apprehend him.

As a result of what the Hoboken Police determined to be sufficient evidence, the Defendant was also charged with the two prior shoplifting incidents as well. The Defendant was released on three different shoplifting summons and is due back in the Hoboken Municipal Court at a later date to answer the charges. At this point in time it is unclear why the Defendant was shoplifting such large quantities of shrimp. The police will be investigating whether the Defendant was laters selling the stolen merchandise to restaurants in the surrounding areas.

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