Union City NJ Police Charge Resident with Terroristic Threats

Union City NJ Police Charge Resident with Terroristic Threats

Terroristic Threats Defense Attorney in Union City, NJ

The offense of terroristic threats is a very serious offense in New Jersey. If convicted, the Defendant will be scared with third degree felony criminal record, incarcerated up to five (5) years and fined up to $15,000. In addition, a Defendant may also be forced to defend themselves in what is known as a Final Restraining Order hearing, wherein which the victim will be attempting to convince the Judge that a permanent protection order is necessary. The Law Office of Jonathan F. Marshall has eight Union City, NJ terroristic threats lawyers on staff, ready to help assist you in anyway possible.  For more information on the offense of terroristic threats, including the key elements of the offense, please check out our page by clicking here or contact our Jersey City office at (201) 309-1800 and speak to one of our eight criminal defense attorneys on staff. Now here is an example of an incident wherein which the Defendant is accused of terroristic threats.

Terroristic Threats & Weapons Charges for Union City, NJ Native

The Union City Police Department has arrested and charged a local resident with a serious of felonies stemming from a heated argument. It is alleged that the Defendant, a thirty-four year old Union City resident, chased another individual down 40th street with a machete. It is unknown at this point what started the fight but apparently the Defendant threatened to kill the victim prior to chasing him down the street with a machete.

The Defendant has formally been charged with terroristic threats, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose and simple assault. The Hudson County Prosecutor’s office may attempt to increase the simple assault charge to a aggravated assault, since the defendant was allegedly in possession of a weapon (machete) during the altercation. The Defendant appeared at Hudson County Central Judicial Processing yesterday and bail was set at $10,000, cash only. Which means that the Defendant or a bail bondsman most post the bail in full and does not have what is known as a 10% option. Central Judicial Processing is a key process in the Hudson County Courthouse. A Central Judicial Processing, bail will be set, a plea offer will be discussed (if possible) and defense attorney’s will have their first opportunity to convince the prosecution that the felony charges should reduced to a misdemeanor and remanded back to the local municipal court.