Camden County Assault & Threat Crimes

Camden, New Jersey prosecutors treat assault and threat crimes quite seriously. If you or a loved one is convicted of these types of offenses, you may face thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges, probation, a restraining order, a permanent criminal record and years of incarceration. All hope is not lost though. At JFM Criminal Defense Firm, our team has valuable experiencing fighting assault and threat charges in Camden and throughout the state. We have dedicated our practice to criminal law defense.

Assault & Threat Charges in Camden County, New Jersey

Many assault and threat charges are categorized as second degree criminal offenses, which can result in a five to ten year jail sentence. And the No Early Release Act (NERA) ensures that you will serve at least 85% of your sentence. Because of this, many prosecutors are reluctant to give up this presumption of incarceration and plea bargain to a lesser offense.

The New Jersey Criminal Code devotes hundreds of pages to the wide number of offenses that fall under this category. These crimes range from domestic disputes and explosive disagreements between neighbors to bar fights and dangerous physical altercations. Below are a few of the violations New Jersey categorizes as Assault & Threat Crimes.

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At JFM Criminal Defense Firm, our attorneys are committed to the belief in a strong defense for all individuals charged with a crime. We have devoted our careers to the practice of criminal law, on both sides of the fence. Our team uses this valuable knowledge to help our clients charged with assault and threat crimes in Camden and several other New Jersey counties. When you are charged with or even suspected of a serious criminal offense, it’s a bad idea to speak with prosecutors, law enforcement or the individual accusing you of the crime. Our attorneys are proficient in this area, and we will counsel you to safeguard your rights, and offer effective defense. We analyze the details of your case and strategize the best options to help you achieve a satisfying outcome.

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