Voorhees Municipal Court

Location: 620 Haddonfield Berlin Rd, Voorhees, NJ 08043
Phone: 856-429-0770
Court Schedule: Monday–Friday: 8:30 AM, Monday–Thursday: 12:30 PM
Court Administration: Palmira White, Court Administrator
Prosecutor: Michael Greenblatt
Judges: Hon. Michael Diamond

Voorhees, New Jersey Criminal Defense Firm

Our Camden County criminal defense firm is proud to represent clients accused of criminal offenses in Voorhees, New Jersey and throughout the county. We understand that justice is only obtained through aggressive, intelligent legal representation, and our lawyers are committed to providing this dedicated counsel to each and every client. Our Criminal Defense Firm is poised to provide you with the skilled legal counsel you need and deserve no matter the severity of your charges. Our attorneys defend your legal rights throughout all aspects of your case – from investigation through trial and, when needed, appeal.

City of Voorhees Municipal Court

When you’re accused of, or even just under investigation for a crime, you want a criminal defense lawyer on your side. Our firm is an aggressive defender for the accused in all manner of New Jersey criminal offenses: gun charges, drug possession, drug distribution, domestic violence, shoplifting, theft and fraud, sex crimes, DUI, traffic tickets and a wide range of other alleged criminal activity. Our job is to represent you, guide you, inform you and protect you. We help you navigate the complex criminal justice system and use our knowledge, skills and vast experience to assist you in making key decisions and obtaining a just resolution for your case.

Criminal Defense Law in Voorhees

The Municipal Court in the Township of Voorhees is located at 2400 Voorhees Town Center, open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays. The court is in session daily at 8:30 am, Monday through Friday, with Hon. Michael A. Diamond, P.J.M.C. presiding. The docket reflects an average of 10 disorderly conduct complaints and about 45 DWI and traffic offenses weekly. Serious criminal offenses are heard in Camden County Superior Court in the Criminal Division.

Our Firm

It’s important that you have an attorney to represent you for your criminal case, but it’s vital that you retain the Right Lawyer. At Jonathan F. Marshall Criminal Defense Firm, we take pride in being the Right law firm. Our reputation, experience, and commitment to criminal defense back up this claim. Our six-man defense team represents more than a century of experience in this serious legal area. We have earned the respect of the New Jersey legal community and enjoy an A+ Rating with the BBB. Our founder, Jonathan F. Marshall holds a 10.0 Avvo rating and demands the same level of excellence from each member of the firm’s criminal defense team. We understand the severity of the situation you and your loved ones are facing and treat you with respect and sensitivity, performing aggressively on your behalf every step of the way.

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