Bench Warrants

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The lawyers at our firm can help you resolve a bench or other arrest warrant in Hudson County, Morris County, Somerset County, Camden County, Atlantic County, Burlington County and other counties in New Jersey.New Jersey law authorizes a judge to execute a warrant when a defendant fails to do something that he was supposed to do, for instance, failing to show up in court or make a required payment. A bench warrant remains in effect until such time as it is either recalled by the court or satisfied through the arrest of the defendant. When an individual is arrested on a bench warrant, he or she remains in custody until the related bail is posted, the warrant is recalled or the conditions of the warrant are satisfied. If you or a loved one has an outstanding bench warrant, the attorneys at our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can help you. In point of fact, we are not only highly effective in resolving the underlying criminal case or traffic issue, but are able to have the warrant recalled altogether in many instances. This is a reflection on many factors including the over 100 years of collective experience of the lawyers on our defense team, including many years as prosecutors working the other side of the system. A highly experienced defense attorney is ready to put their skills to work for you so that you can avoid the embarrassment and other consequences (e.g. incarceration in jail) of being arrested on a bench warrant that is outstanding in New Jersey.

Our firm has ten criminal lawyers on staff which comprises of one of the largest defense teams in New Jersey. We also happen to maintain offices throughout the state to help our attorneys serve clients facing a bench warrant in Hudson County, Bergen County, Camden County, Somerset County, Atlantic County, Burlington County and everywhere else. To speak to an attorney immediately, contact one of our conveniently located offices for a free consultation.

What You Need To Know About New Jersey Bench Warrants

NJ Court Rule 7:2-3 sets forth the circumstances under which a bench warrant may be issued. In this regard, the court may issue a bench warrant for any number of reasons, including:

  • Failure to Appear for an arraignment or other hearing, sentencing, etc.
  • Failure to Pay Fines as agreed with the court and/or under an approved payment plan
  • Contempt for Failure to Comply
  • Violation of Probation (“VOP”)

Drivers License Suspension & Bench Warrants

It is commonplace for the court to issue a notice of drivers license suspension whenever a bench warrant is issued. This is another mechanism, revocation of the defendant’s driving privileges, that a court utilizes to attempt to coerce a defendant to surrender and/or address the underlying reason for which the warrant was issued (e.g. pay the fine, appear at sentencing, appear at probation, etc.). The license suspension remains in effect and bars an individual from driving legally until the bench warrant is satisfied and the related court issue or case is resolved. The only exception to this process is where the judge voluntarily lifts the “close out” and suspension (something which we have experience in accomplishing).

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