Who Is The Best NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer To Defend Me?

Former Prosecutors With Top Qualifications For Defending Your Charges

The most important decision you will probably make in your New Jersey criminal case is deciding who will defend your charge. You want the very best attorney you can find, but the question is, how do you determine who fits this bill. Many individuals believe that hiring the lawyer with the most local “juice” is what is needed, whereas others focus on price, specialization, and other factors. This resource is dedicated to what we believe you should consider in selecting the best individual to defend your criminal offense. There is no doubt that our firm possesses attributes that reflect favorably in this search, but we will leave that up to you to decide.

We are the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, a team of accomplished attorneys with unique qualifications in this area of law. We provide our clients with:

  • Over 200 years of combined experience representing individuals charged with an array of violations throughout NJ
  • Ten lawyers that limit their law practices to criminal defense
  • Former county prosecutors that have served at the highest levels in the state, including as Director of the Major Crimes Bureau, Trial Division, Juvenile, Domestic Violation, the Gun Task Force, Drug Task Force, and Special Operations
  • Former counsel to the Governor on staff
  • Certified criminal trial attorneys
  • A long history of acquittals at trial, dismissals and favorable plea agreements

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Key Factors in Finding the Best Criminal Attorney in New Jersey To Handle Your Case

Our NJ criminal defense firm has compiled a list of characteristics that you should focus on to find the best lawyer to defend your offense. These are the attributes that are most important if you want to hire the right individual to represent you.

  1. Years in Practice. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to the ability to help you win a criminal case. The first thing I would, therefore, ask is how long has the prospective attorney been licensed to practice law.
  2. Criminal Experience. You need a criminal attorney, so the person you should select should have a background that is in this area of law, not someone who handled real estate for twenty years and has been handling criminal defense for a few years. The experience is only valuable to you if it involves the type of law fronting you.
  3. Specialization. If you were arrested for a gun charge, then you would need someone with extensive experience defending firearm offense. The same would hold true if your charge is for a sex offense — you want someone an attorney who has defended many sexual assaults, luring, or other sex crimes since that is the specific type of criminal offense you are facing. It makes no sense to hire a criminal lawyer whose concentration is in DWI or shoplifting when you are facing NJ drug distribution charges.
  4. Familiarity With the Court System & Venue. There is undoubtedly value to knowing the players in the county where your case will be litigated. A prior relationship and reputation with the judge, as well as the prosecutor, can help in achieving a favorable outcome given the credibility that an attorney has when they enjoy a successful history within the jurisdiction. So do your best to know the extent of an attorney’s experience with a particular judge and county prosecutor’s office.
  5. Trials. Every criminal case can ultimately turn into a trial if a favorable plea or other resolution cannot be achieved. You absolutely must hire someone who has a record of trying cases like the one you are facing. It is not enough that a website implies that an individual has experience at trial, you must ask because the honest truth is that some of the most visible attorneys on the internet not only have little but ZERO jury trials in their past. This is shocking but, unfortunately, true. You do not want to find this out when you and your attorney are backed into a corner.
  6. Testimonials, Reviews & Acknowledgements. What other people have to say about a lawyer is important. However, it is a flag and unrealistic to believe that any criminal attorney who handles an abundance of cases can achieve a favorable review in 100% of the cases.
  7. Price. Reality is that you cannot hire someone who you cannot afford.  At the same time, you rarely want to hire the cheapest attorney you can find because his/her price likely reflects demands. If a lawyer is starving and willing to defend a case for significantly less than what you are generally being quoted then that isn’t someone you want to be entrusting your future to; indeed, no one else is interested in the attorney or his time would certainly be more valuable. You also do not want the guy who is at the other end of the spectrums since this is often someone looking to hit a home run at your expense. You will undoubtedly know what is reasonable in terms of a price, and that is what you should be paying to secure the attorney who has the best credentials to defend your criminal case in NJ successfully.

Our Talented NJ Criminal Attorneys Are Ready To Assist You

Determining which lawyer is the best one to defend you isn’t easy. This is especially true given the inordinate stress that you are undoubtedly experiencing. The advice we would give you is to be logical and methodical. You do not want to be hasty although time often is not in your favor. You will need to do your research, get on the telephone and go beyond the sales pitch you ready on a website, and really find out what a particular attorney and law firm can offer you. Do they really have extensive experience in this area of criminal law? How many jury trials have these lawyers completed? Do not be afraid to ask questions like these because the future of you or your loved one is on the line.

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