Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center

New Jersey IDRC Requirement

If an individual is convicted of a DWI, DUI or refusal in New Jersey, a component of the New Jersey DWI penalties or sanctions is a requirement that the person participate in a program of alcohol education through the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center (“IDRC”). The IDRC is a unit with the New Jersey Division of Addiction Services which was created by New Jersey to conduct not only alcohol education, but also to undertake post-conviction evaluation and referral of those convicted of drinking and driving. It is important to keep in mind that the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center has authority to order follow-up care and treatment beyond the standard requirements imposed under the statute and that failure to fulfill the IDRC requirements shall result in an order of non-compliance, license suspension, and possible jail time. More information about IDRC can be found here at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website.

IDRC Requirement for First Offense of DWI, DUI or Refusal

First offenders are customarily required to attend a 12 hour program at the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center. The program involves alcohol education and evaluation of individuals in hopes of determining whether or not they possess an addiction to alcohol. The required fees involve a $100 program fee levied at the time of sentencing and a follow-up fee of $150 at the time of the driver’s attendance at the IDRC. Again, failure to fulfill the 12 hour requirement or any after care directed by the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center shall result in license suspension and can even give rise to jail time.

IDRC Requirement for Second Offense of DWI, DUI or Refusal

Individuals convicted of a second drunk driving offense are required to attend 48 hours at the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center. The 48 hours of attendance at the IDRC will typically satisfy the mandatory two day jail term for a second offense of DWI, DUI or refusal. If the second offender serves 48 hours or more in an inpatient rehabilitation facility, he or she customarily shall not have to serve the 48 hours of IDRC. The required fees for a second offense are a $100 program fee at sentencing and $200 for attendance at the IDRC. If an individual fails to comply with any conditions imposed by the IDRC or fails to satisfy his or her 48 hours, a notice of non-compliance shall be issued, the persons license shall be suspended, and they can be sentenced to jail.

IDRC Requirement for a Third or Subsequent Offense of DWI, DUI or Refusal

Ironically, the fees and requirements for a third or subsequent offense reverts back to the same requirements as a first offense. We assume that this is attributable to the fact that the program is intended to help individuals with potential addiction and further IDRC requirements shall serve little in comparison to the 180 day jail sentence which must be served as a third offender.

The Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center requirements are but one of the sanctions and penalties imposed if an individual is convicted of driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence or refusal. The involvement of IDRC in an individual’s life obviously can become quite involved in the event that significant after care is directed. It is therefore imperative that an individual afford themself every opportunity to defend against a conviction. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can help. Please contact us for a fee initial consultation.