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A criminal charge or serious traffic ticket like DWI can cause serious problems in your life so it is important to hire an experienced attorney if you are facing such an offense. A lawyer who understands the law and has experience with the local court system is definitely what you need. The attorneys at the the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall possess these attributes and have an excellent track record in defending charges in Pitman Municipal Court like possession of marijuana, simple assault, DWI, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana. Our team also has considerable experience defending first, second, third and fourth degree crimes at the Gloucester County Superior Court in Woodbury New Jersey.

The credentials of our law firm are extremely rare and include:

  • A team of ten (10) lawyers with over 200 years of combined experience and whose practice is limited entirely to representation of clients accused of violating the law.
  • Former municipal prosecutors in over 25 municipalities, as well as ex-county prosecutors who have served as Director of Major Crimes, Drug Task Force, Special Operations, Juvenile and even the entire Trial Division.
  • Certified criminal trial attorneys on staff, a distinction held by less than 2% of those licensed in New Jersey.
  • An accomplished history of achieving favorable outcomes throughout Gloucester County, including Pitman Municipal Court.

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Pitman NJ DWI Attorney

Pitman is a small borough in Gloucester County, NJ, with a population of slightly more than 9,000 people. The borough is bordered by Glassboro, Mantua Township, and Washington Township.

The Pitman Municipal Court hears minor criminal matters, traffic summonses, and municipal ordinance violations. The only criminal cases heard in Pitman Municipal Court are disorderly persons offenses and petty disorderly persons offenses. More serious indictable felony charges involving jail exposure of more than six months are first processed in local municipal court before they are sent to Gloucester County Superior Court, which is located in Woodbury, New Jersey.

Pitman Municipal Court Information

The Mantua Joint Municipal Court has jurisdiction over offenses that occur with Mantua Township and Pitman Borough. The joint court is located at 405 Main Street in Mantua, NJ. The court office is open Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, and you can contact the court directly by dialing 856-468-3078.

  • Honorable William Golden & Honorable Thomas Heim are the Judges.
  • Kelly A. Conroy is the Prosecutor.
  • Marie Kennedy is the Court Administrator.

For further information on the Pitman Municipal Court, view the joint court’s official website.

Other Helpful Links and Information about Pitman NJ

  • To get more information about Pitman, visit the borough website.
  • The Pitman Police Department can be contacted for non-emergencies via phone at 856-589-3501. For additional information about the Pitman Police Department, see their website.
  • If you want to get up-to-date news and information on Gloucester County, go to the NJ.com website.

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