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A conviction in Hudson County for a prosecution offense can have severe consequences. Whether the charge stems from an arrest at a motel in Secaucus, operation of a massage parlor in Jersey City, transporting someone for a rendezvous in Kearny or even allegations of human trafficking, failure to secure an acquittal can lead to incarceration and thousands in fines. There is also a level of stigma that attaches to a conviction for promoting or engaging in prostitution. With all of these ramifications potentially in play, it is certainly in your interests to hire a local attorney with the experience to achieve the very best result in your prostitution case.  The lawyers on our team have over 150 years of experience, including decades serving as prosecutors at both the county and municipal court level. Whether your case involves a disorderly persons offense in the municipal court of Union City or North Bergen, or a fourth, third, second or even first degree crime at the Hudson County Superior Court, our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to thoroughly protect your future. To speak to a lawyer immediately in a free initial consultation, contact our Jersey City Office at 201-309-0500.

How Is Prostitution Defined Under New Jersey Law?

The New Jersey Prostitution Law is set forth at N.J.S.A. 2C:34-1. An individual commits prostitution under subsection b of this statute if they solicit a prostitute, provide sex for money or other consideration, promote prostitution of another person or compel someone to engage in prostitution.

What Does The Prosecutor Have To Show In Order To Convict Someone Of Prostitution?

There are four (4) elements that must be established, beyond reasonable doubt, for a prosecutor in Hudson County to convict someone of a prosecution. They must establish that the accused: (1) offered or accepted an offer; (2) to engage in some type of sexually activity; (3) in exchange for money or other consideration; and (4) acted purposefully.

Are There Acts Of Prostitution That Are More Serious Than Others Under 2C:34-1?

Yes. It is a disorderly persons offense to act as a patron or provider of sex.  Someone charged with this grade of prostitution will have their charge heard in a Hudson County municipal court such as the one in Bayonne, Jersey City, Union City, North Bergen or Secaucus. A conviction for a second or third act of this nature results in a fourth degree crime. Prostitution offenses fall within this and more serious grades can only be dealt with at the Hudson County Superior Court located in Jersey City. A fourth or subsequent violation as a solicitor of prostitution or provider is a third degree crime. It is a second degree crime for someone to knowingly engage in prostitution with someone who is under 18 years of age. It is a first degree crime to compel or promote prostitution by someone under 18.

What Penalties May Be Imposed Upon Conviction For Prostitution?

The chart below outlines the penalties for prostitution in accordance with 2C:34-1.

Grade of OffensePeriod of IncarcerationMaximum Fine
Disorderly Persons OffenseUp to Six Months$1,000
Fourth Degree CrimeUp to 18 Months$7,500
Third Degree CrimeUp to 5 Years$15,000
Second Degree Crime5-10 Years$150,000
First Degree Crime10-20 Years$200,000

Prostitution Lawyer in Jersey City New Jersey

If you have been charged with prostitution or the related offense of promoting prostitution in Hudson County, it is certainly advisable that you speak to a knowledgeable criminal attorney as soon as possible. Here at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our attorneys have vast experience defending disorderly persons charges locally in Bayonne, Union City, West New York, North Bergen, Secaucus and other municipal courts. The lawyers on our team also practice extensively at the Superior Court in the event that you are facing an indictable felony for prostitution in Hudson County (e.g. fourth degree, second degree or third degree crime). You can reach a lawyer at the firm 24/7 at 201-309-0500 for a free consultation.