Lake Como Criminal Offenses

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The police in Lake Como have occasion to issue a wide range of criminal complaints. If you were arrested or issued a summons for a criminal offense in Lake Como, our law firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can insure that your rights are protected. We feature a team of criminal lawyers with over forty (40) years of collective legal experience, including a former prosecutor in several area municipalities. An attorney will be more than glad to speak to you and address your questions. Your best course of action is to speak to someone who knows the law. A lawyer from our firm is happy to serve this purpose and initial consultations are always without charge. We hope the following summary is informative.

Possession of Marijuana in Lake Como

The municipal court in Lake Como has jurisdiction to decide a charge of possession of marijuana, provided the weight of the marijuana was 50 grams or less. While a conviction for simple possession of marijuana typically does not involve jail, a conviction does result in a record, fines, and a six month license suspension. These are obviously significant recourses and it is always wise in our judgment for a lawyer to be enlisted by someone charged with marijuana possession in Lake Como.

Disorderly Conduct in Lake Como

The Borough of Lake Como experiences a huge influx of young people during the summer months and this is when the majority of disorderly conduct charges are issued. With all of the partying and alcohol consumption in the summer, the police are particularly zealous in enforcement of the disorderly conduct statute. The law allows the state to incarcerate someone for up to six months under the disorderly conduct statute but individuals should rarely be subjected to such a result in our view. If you were arrested for disorderly conduct in Lake Como, you should know that our lawyers are frequently successful in avoiding a criminal conviction for this offense.

Simple Assault in Lake Como

Arguments can escalate into fighting and commensurate charges of simple assault. The incident of fighting is higher in our view whenever alcohol is involved and this probably explains why considerable simple assault arrests occur each year in Lake Como. The simple assault law also provides for up to six months incarceration so this charge should not be taken lightly. If you find yourself charged with simple assault in Lake Como, the attorneys at our firm can assist you in eliminating the criminal record exposure in a large majority of cases.

Resisting Arrest in Lake Como

The slightest failure to submit can result in a resisting arrest charge. Indeed, we find that many resisting arrest charges are the result of complaints of injury during cuffing by those arrested rather than actually resistance. Irrespective, your chances of resolving your case without a criminal conviction on your record are historically high if you choose to retain our firm to handle your Lake Como resisting arrest charge.

We understand the turmoil that a criminal arrest can cause and every lawyer at the firm is sympathetic to the concerns of prospective clients. Our attorneys do their absolute best to insure that a conviction is avoided and we are successful in the vast majority of Lake Como criminal cases. Please do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and speak to one of our lawyers as he can answer your questions and advise you appropriately. An attorney is available to discuss your Lake Como charges immediately.