Monmouth County Domestic Violence

Monmouth County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Incidents and allegations of “domestic violence” are commonplace for courts within Monmouth County. It is an unfortunate reality of life that family members and/or individuals who once shared a close relationship, get into disagreements that can escalate into a dispute involving the police. When this occurs, a lawyer from our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is ready to step in and assist you. Every attorney from our office has experience in defending domestic violence charges in Monmouth County.

New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act

The law defines “domestic violence” to include one or more acts of stalking, harassment, terroristic threats, simple assault, aggravated assault, or criminal mischief. Where one or more of these acts allegedly involve a family member or individuals previously in a relationship, the situation falls within the definition of domestic violence in NJ. Our defense lawyers are well versed in the law and are equipped to insure that clients receive maximum protection. If you have been served with a Monmouth County Restraining Order or have been arrested for simple assault, harassment or making terroristic threats, our attorneys are available 24/7 to assist you.

Sanctions for Domestic Violence

The Judges in Monmouth County have a wide variety of sanctions at their disposal in the event that they conclude that domestic violence has occurred. A finding of domestic violence can result in issuance of a temporary or permanent restraining order, possession of a residence, custody of children, and support. A defendant is also typically barred from any common residence, prohibited from any contact with the alleged victim, and precluded from owning any weapons, if the situation involves a restraining order. Individuals are also customarily subject to criminal prosecution for specific incidents of alleged assault, terroristic threat, or harassment. Conviction results in a criminal conviction and record. It is imperative that a defendant retain a knowledgeable Monmouth County domestic violence lawyer to give them the best chance of avoiding all of these pitfalls. Our attorneys possess this expertise.

If you are the subject of allegations of domestic violence in Monmouth County, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm. An attorney is available immediately to assist you at 732-450-8300.