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Plainfield made a name for itself as a bedroom community for New York City. While it has grown industrially in recent years, this Union County municipality has not lost any of its charm, making it a great place to live still. Plainfield has a rich history which includes acting as the headquarters for George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Plainfield is not, however, immune from criminal and traffic offenses. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall know common mistakes can sometimes cause serious legal effects. Our criminal defense attorneys count among its ranks a former Prosecutor and we represent those arrested, charged or who have received a traffic ticket or summons in Plainfield for all motor vehicle and criminal offenses including Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Every lawyer at our firm makes sure your case gets the attention it deserves, putting his experience to work for you. Even convictions for less serious offenses carry major consequences, such as difficulty obtaining employment, and we feel that having a top defense attorney is a must. If you have been arrested in Plainfield, call our office to discuss your case with one of our lawyers or to schedule a free initial consultation. A lawyer is available to address your concerns 24/7.

Plainfield Municipal Court

The Plainfield Municipal Court is located at 325 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, New Jersey 07060. The court’s telephone number is 908-753-3064. The Court Administrator is Susan Sanchez and the Honorable Joan Robinson Gross is the judge. Information is available at on the City of Plainfield Municipal Court.

Criminal offenses falling under the umbrella of disorderly persons offenses and traffic ticket and motor vehicle summons cases, are heard in Plainfield Municipal Court. Disorderly persons offenses include Possession of Marijuana, Drugs, and Drug Paraphernalia, Harassment, Disorderly Conduct, Trespass, Resisting Arrest, Simple Assault and Shoplifting. Please be reminded that while these are viewed as low grade crimes in NJ, they can nevertheless result in up to six (6) months in jail, probation, fines and license suspension. Plainfield Municipal Court also decides all traffic summons and ticket cases including DWI, Leaving the Scene, Driving While Suspended, Driving Without Insurance, Reckless Driving, and Possession of Marijuana, Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia in a Motor Vehicle.

Plainfield DWI Charge

DWI and DUI cases in Plainfield are prosecuted in accordance with N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 which exposes an individual to various fines and penalties for driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or above. A first offense for DWI carries three (3) months to one (1) year loss of license, and the suspension goes up to two (2) years and ten (10) years for a second and third offense, respectively. A conviction for a third offense of DWI or DUI in Plainfield also results in six (6) months of mandatory jail.

Plainfield Driving Without Insurance

A conviction for driving without insurance or while uninsured is one of the more serious motor vehicle offenses, carry one (1) year loss of license for a first offense. Our lawyers are exceedingly successful, however, in defeating a no insurance ticket or summons in Plainfield.

Possession of Marijuana, Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia

A charge or arrest for possession of drugs like marijuana is based on N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10 but may also be brought under the New Jersey motor vehicle code. If you have been charged under both statutes in Plainfield, you are looking at up to two (2) years loss of license, probation, and a crime record for a first offense. You definitely need to consult with a lawyer if you find yourself in this situation.

Plainfield Driving While Suspended or Revoked

Driving while suspended or revoked tickets under N.J.S.A. 39:3-40 are becoming more and more frequent with computerization as police have an individual’s driving record at their finger tips. Plainfield has an inordinate number of driving while suspended and revoked cases but we are overwhelming successful in have these charges dismissed or downgraded such that a license suspension can be avoided.

If you have been arrested or charged in Plainfield for a municipal or criminal offense, contact our law office to talk with one of our criminal defense attorneys. A lawyer will happily discuss everything with you, including the law, the charges, and your arrest. Our criminal attorneys are always eager to speak with prospective clients.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, 216 North Avenue, Cranford, NJ 07016, defends individuals charged with Simple Assault, Possession of Marijuana, Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia, Trespass, Harassment, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and Shoplifting, in Plainfield Municipal Court, 325 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, NJ 07060.