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Union County Offices: 46 Broad Street Second Floor, Elizabeth, NJ 07201 & 2204 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall represent individuals charged with indictable and non-indictable crimes in Union County Superior Court and Municipal Court. If you are the subject of a criminal investigation, have been indicted or received an indictment for a criminal offense or have received a criminal complaint, you need advice from an experienced lawyer and our criminal law firm is available to assist you. We representation individuals throughout Union County in all areas of criminal law including: (1) Juvenile Offenses; (2) Assault Crimes; (3) Drug Distribution and Possession; (4) Domestic Violence; (5) Theft Crimes, including Theft by Deception, Burglary, and Bad Checks; and (6) any other Superior Court or Municipal charge in Union County. If you are in need of a criminal lawyer in the County of Union, please do not hesitate to contact our office as an attorney from our law firm, including Jonathan F. Marshall, a former prosecutor in New Jersey, is available to answer your questions or to schedule an office consultation. Initial consultations with our lawyers are always without charge. You are also encouraged to review the information contained in the website concerning specific areas of law and the information regarding Union County criminal charges which follow. Please note that municipal court charges are handled in the Union County municipal courts of Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Elizabeth, Garwood, Hillside, Kenilworth, Linden,Mountainside, Murray Hill, New Providence, Plainfield, Rahway, Roselle, Roselle Park, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Springfield, Summit, Union Township and Westfield.

Indictable Criminal & Felony Offenses in Union County

First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree & Fourth Degree Crime

Indictable criminal charges, commonly referred to as felony offenses, in Union County are litigated at the Superior Court of New Jersey in Elizabeth, New Jersey. When an individual is arrested and charged with a criminal offense, the related complaint is sent to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office where a decision is made regarding presentation of the case to a Grand Jury to decide whether an indictment shall be issued. The Union County Prosecutor can also decide to remand the charge back to the applicable Municipal Court in Union County or to list the case for Pre-indictment Court. Assuming neither of these circumstances occur, the process by which an individual is indicted is referred to as Grand Jury. You should know that while this proceeding determines whether or not a person shall be indicted, there is no right on the part of the defendant or his defense lawyer to participate in the proceeding unless invited by the prosecutor. Assuming a Union County indictment is issued, then the accused will be scheduled for an arraignment and thereafter the Union County Superior Court Criminal case begins. The customary stages of an indictable criminal case in Union County are arraignment, pre-trial hearings including motions to dismiss, suppression hearings and discovery proceedings, plea hearing, trial and appeal. Our criminal attorneys provides representation in all phases of this process including applications for Pretrial Intervention (PTI), Drug Court, and Pre-indictment remand and/or downgrade. Our law firm also provides legal representation with regard to bail including assistance in securing bail and/or a bond, the procedures to post bail, bail reduction and motions to reduce bail, and securing the release of individuals on bail.

Example of Recent Success in Union County Superior Court

C.G. was arrested and charged with kidnapping, a First Degree Offense, and bail was set at $150,000. The charge against C.G. involved as much as 20 years in jail. Our office immediately filed a motion to dismiss the indictment and/or reduce the bail on behalf of C.G. Following presentation of our case at the hearing, the kidnapping charge was dismissed and C.G. was never recharged. We were able to avoid any incarceration whatsoever notwithstanding the seriousness of the charge.

Union County Courthouse & Criminal Division

The Union County Superior Courthouse is located at 2 Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07207, and the main telephone number is 908-659-4100.

Union County Criminal Division

Bernadette Fiore, Ph.D., Criminal Division Manager 908-659-3372; Robert Eppenstein, Assistant Criminal Division Manager 908-659-3375; Sandra Iannaccone, Criminal Records 908-659-3373

Union County Drug Court

Drug Court Team Leader: Tracy Boyd 908-659-3413; Probation Officer (PSI): Ilissa Benjamin 908-659-3412; Investigator: Catherine Morales 908-659-3496

Union County Probation

Supervising Probation Officer: Michael Imbriacco 908-659-3728; Senior Probation Officer John Flynn 908-659-3710; Senior Probation Officer Pam Lang 908-659-3721; Senior Probation Officer Ann Mullin 908-659-3719; Senior Probation Officer Bertha Moran 908-659-3717; Probation Officer Barry Kaverick 908-659-3711

Union County Criminal Division Judges

  • Scott J. Moynihan, P.J.Cr., Courthouse Annex, 4th Floor, 908-659-3687
  • Joseph P. Donohue, J.S.C., Courthouse Annex, 2nd Floor, 908-659-4133
  • Marianne Espinosa, J.S.C., Main Courthouse, 5th Floor, 908-659-3413

  • James C. Heimlich, J.S.C., Courthouse Annex, 3rd Floor, 908-659-3438
  • Joseph P. Perfilio, J.S.C., Main Courthouse, 7th Floor, 908-659-4154
  • John S. Triarsi, J.S.C., Courthouse Annex, 3rd Floor, 908-659-3443

Union County Prosecutor’s Office

32 Rahway Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07202, 908-527-4500

Directions to the Union County Courthouse

From New Jersey Turnpike: Proceed from Exit 13. Proceed on Bayway Avenue and make a right on South Broad Street (4th light). the Courthouse is approximately 1 mile down on the left. From the Garden State Parkway: Proceed from Exit 140 to Morris Avenue and make a right. Follow Morris Avenue and it ends in Elizabeth. Turn left and then right on Broad Street as you proceed under the railroad tracks. The Courthouse will be to your right.

Union County Municipal Court Charges

Disorderly Persons Offenses & Ordinances Violations

Non-indictable misdemeanor criminal offenses, referred to as disorderly persons offenses, traffic offenses, and ordinance violations are handled in municipal court. Every lawyer at our law firm has experience and knowledge in appearing and defending municipal court charges in Union County. Although the criminal and traffic charges handled in the municipal courts of Union County are less serious than those handled at the county level, they may still involve up to six (6) months in jail, many hours of community service, license suspension, and significant fines. The offenses handled in municipal court include:

The criminal attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can assist you in defending municipal charges in Union County and a lawyer in our firm is available to speak to you free of charge.

Helpful Middlesex County Resources:

The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, 216 North Avenue, Cranford, New Jersey 07016, represents individuals charged with indictable felony offenses in Union County Superior Court, and misdemeanor disorderly persons offenses such as Issuing Bad Checks, Shoplifting, Possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest, Harassment, Disorderly Conduct, Trespass, in the Municipal Courts of Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Elizabeth, Garwood, Hillside, Kenilworth, Linden, Mountainside, Murray Hill, New Providence, Plainfield, Rahway, Roselle, Roselle Park, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Springfield, Summit, Union Township and Westfield.