Union County Domestic Violence

Union County Criminal Defense Lawyer & Former Prosecutor

Too often domestic disagreements get to the point where police are called and arrests are made. This is commonly referred to as “domestic violence”. Our lawyers are well aware of the explosive nature of these incidents and are sensitive to what is necessary to successfully defend domestic violence charges in Union County. An attorney from our law firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is available immediately 24/7 to help you.

Union County Restraining Orders

Whenever there is a dispute which falls within the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, the alleged victim is asked if he or she would like to apply for a restraining order. When a restraining order is initially granted in Union County, it is referred to as a Temporary Restraining Order. A hearing is conducted shortly thereafter where a determination is made by a Union County Family Court judge as to whether or not the Temporary Restraining Order shall become Final. A Final Restraining Order precludes the defendant from having any contact with the “victim” and effectively makes the situation permanent. It is obviously very important that an individual mount there very best defense in these proceedings and this is precisely what they achieve when a lawyer from our office is retained.

Union County Contempt Violations

If an individual is the subject of a Final Restraining Order, failure to adhere to its provisions results in a Contempt Violation. The violation can result from an email, telephone call, personal contact, another incident of domestic violence, or almost any deviation from the terms of the Restraining Order. If an individual is found guilty of contempt, that represents a criminal conviction which results in a record. A second restraining order violation carries mandatory jail. We cannot stress the importance of competent representation at a contempt hearing as the Judges in Union County can be very stiff in terms of penalties.

We know how chaotic things can become once law enforcement gets involved in a domestic argument, physical altercation or disagreement. Your first step in regaining stability is to get questions answered and this is exactly what our defense lawyers will do. Our goal is to guide our clients through this difficult time and to formulate a defense that insures the absolute best protection. The attorneys from the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are here to provide this service to you.