New Jersey Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer

NJ Cell Phone Hands-Free Motor Vehicle Offense Attorneys

The New Jersey cell phone law has caused quite a stir lately. The NJ legislature has recently changed the NJ cell phone offense from a secondary offense to a primary offense. This means that NJ police officers may ticket drivers who are merely using their cell phone while driving. There is no longer any requirement for an independent reason to pull over a driver—cell phone use itself is now sufficient in NJ. With this new development, New Jersey cell phone driving offenses have increased substantially in volume. The cell phone defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can assist you if you have been charged with the New Jersey driving while using a cell phone violation.

NJ Operating a Cell Phone While Driving Offense

NJ’s cell phone law is provided for in the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Act 39:4-97.3: “Use of hands-free wireless telephone in moving vehicle.” The NJ cell phone statute prohibits using a cell phone while driving. “Texting” while driving in NJ is also outlawed. Basically, NJ drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone in any way while driving, unless it is a “hands free” device. Additionally, the NJ cell phone driving law allows for use of a traditional cell phone while driving under certain emergent circumstances.

NJ Cell Phone Penalties

The penalties for violating NJ’s cell phone statute currently include both a $100.00 fine as well as a $250.00 surcharge. However, the NJ cell phone defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall believe that the legislature may increase these penalties in the future, possibly including NJ MVC points. If you have been issued a New Jersey using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle ticket, feel free to consult our motor vehicle defense attorneys at any time.