Restoring a Suspended Drivers License

New Jersey Motor Vehicle License Lawyer

Restoration of a Suspended NJ License

There are multiple scenarios which can give rise to a suspension of a license to operate a motor vehicle in New Jersey. A suspended license can be the result of NJ administrative action like an accumulation of too many motor vehicle points or tickets, nonpayment of surcharges, or even failure to pay child support. A suspension can also result from failure to appear in a New Jersey municipal or county court, failure to pay a fine after pleading or being found guilty of an offense, or as a result of a Court Order. Our lawyers have experience in handling every variety of NJ motor vehicle suspension and are almost always able to assist individuals in restoring a suspended license and/or reducing the period of suspension. An attorney from our office would be happy to discuss your suspension and to determine what is necessary for your suspended license to be restored in NJ. If you decide to retain our law firm, a lawyer from our law office who is knowledgeable in restoring a license will contact the courts and/or the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles and make sure that you are provided with every opportunity to restore your license as soon as possible.

License Suspension: Outstanding Surcharges and Fines

Individuals would not believe just how many people get notices of outstanding surcharges from the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles, including accrued interest and penalties, many years after they have moved to another state or surrendered their New Jersey license. The task of dealing with the Division of Motor Vehicles can be intimidating, frustrating, and appear never ending. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with NJ DMV and can streamline the process of resolving surcharges and fines. Our attorneys also have years of experience working with courts throughout New Jersey in addressing outstanding fines and warrants which have resulted in a suspended license. We are able to have warrants lifted in an overwhelming percentage of situations such that cases can be successfully resolved and drivers licenses restored.

License Suspension: Unresolved Court Cases

One of the more common situations in which our attorneys are retained involves our reopening criminal and motor vehicle charges which are unresolved in NJ and have resulted in a license suspension by NJDMV. For example, if an individual fails to appear on a charge, their drivers license is automatically suspended until such time as they appear and resolve the related New Jersey ticket. The problem is that cases typically will not be reopened unless and until the related warrants are lifted. We can get warrants lifted in most cases and thereby provide immediate value to our clients. A lawyer from our office can then defend the related charges and resolve case (including by affidavit if our clients reside outside of New Jersey) so that a suspended drivers license can be restored by the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles.

License Suspension: Court Order

Individuals often fail to understand that while a NJ Court may impose a significant period of suspension, many times an application can subsequently be made for post-conviction relief to reduce the period of New Jersey license suspension. Our lawyers can provide assistance in this regard and insure that a suspension period is reconsidered by the Court.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are seeking to restore your NJ drivers license. We handle these situations all the time for residents and non-residents of New Jersey, and our lawyers have the knowledge necessary to get your license restored. A lawyer is available to speak to you immediately and initial consultations are always without charge. One of our attorneys will be happy to address your concerns and get you on the right track to lifting your suspension and restoring your New Jersey license.