A $4 Bag of Doritos seems to be the Reason for an Assault in Jersey City NJ

A $4 Bag of Doritos seems to be the Reason for an Assault in Jersey City NJ

A Bag of Doritos Allegedly Causes a 17 Year-Old Male to Hit a 14 Year-Old Female in Jersey City NJ

According to the reports released thus far, a teenager girl, fourteen, was struck several times by a seventeen year old male over a $4 bag of Doritos tortilla chips. It is alleged that the seventeen year-old male showed up outside the female’s house just before 8am yesterday morning and began harassing her over the $4 she allegedly owed him. The victim attempted to ignore the male and she proceed on her way to school, which apparently infuriated the male even more. The male began tugging on her shirt and then slapped her in the face with an open hand. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. When the victim arrived at school, the male again continued to harass her and then he slapped her one more time before he fled the school.

It has been reported that no charges have been filed yet. However, if the victim or the Jersey City Police Department decide to file charges against the seventeen year-old male, he could be facing harassment charges and simple assault charges as well. Since the male is seventeen, his matter would be heard in the family division of the Hudson County Superior Court, which is located in Jersey City. The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office would still be the one’s prosecuting the case if it gets that far.

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