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The offense of harassment tends to be one of the weaker criminal charges someone can face in Hudson County or anywhere else in New Jersey. While this happens to be the case, a conviction nevertheless results in a criminal record and the possibility of penalties that include jail. Harassment is also a viable basis for someone to secure entry of a final restraining order in Jersey City. The point to be take from all of this is that a harassment charge has the potential to cause serious complications in your life, especially if it is in conjunction with a Hudson County domestic violence case. It is therefore advisable for you to hire an attorney who has a track record of successfully defending clients charged with harassment in Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, West New York, North Bergen and the rest of Hudson County.  An accomplished litigator like those at our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, is going to have the tools to maximize the opportunity for a dismissal. Our ten (10) criminal attorneys have the attributes you need to fully protect your future and an unwavering commitment to obtain the very best result. To discuss the specifics of your harassment offense with a lawyer immediately, call 201-309-0500. Consultations with our defense lawyers are free.

Harassment Offense in Hudson County

The NJ harassment statute is contained at N.J.S.A. 2c:33-4. An individual may be convicted under this law based on harassing communications, touching or striking or by virtue of alarming conduct. The headings below explain each form of harassment. Please note that a fundamental element of proof that must be established by the prosecutor under all three of these pedigrees of harassment is an intention on the part of the accused to harass the victim.

  1. Words or Communications. If an individual communicates anonymously, during extremely inconvenient hours, uses offensively course language or otherwise communicates in a manner likely to annoy or alarm, he/she is guilty of harassment. Please note that profanity alone will not result in a harassment conviction since there must also be an intent to harass.
  2. Offensive Striking, Kicking or Shoving. Much like the offense of simple assault, this charge contemplates physical contact except here there is no bodily injury to the victim. In addition, the impact here is one of alarm or annoyance rather than fear.
  3. Alarming Conduct. The third way someone can commit harassment is by engaging in alarming conduct or repeated acts to alarm or seriously annoy the victim. What is pivotal here is that, based on the totality of the facts and circumstances, common sense and experience supports the fact that a reasonable person would find the conduct alarming or seriously annoying.

What Are The Penalties For Harassment?

Harassment is a petty disorderly persons offense in New Jersey. If you are convicted of a petty disorderly persons offense for harassment, you are subject to thirty (30) days in the Hudson County Jail, a fine of up to $500, community service, counseling and/or probation. You will also be left with a criminal record for harassing someone.

Why Do I Have Two Separate Court Cases Involving Harassment?

As previously stated, a collateral consequence of a harassment can be institution of domestic violence proceedings. This occurs when someone is granted a temporary restraining order. Unlike a criminal charge for harassment, restraining order proceedings are civil in nature and result in a parallel case in family court to determine whether or not a final restraining order should be put into place. This is why individuals can frequently be the subject of two separate proceedings.

Are There Additional Considerations If I Am Not A Citizen?

Whenever someone lacks citizenship, a criminal conviction has the potential for collateral consequences. A conviction for harassment can be treated as a prior act involving moral turpitude. This is why it is very important to secure top flight representation if you are not a United States citizen and are facing allegations that you harassed someone.

Can I Obtain Conditional Dismissal To Avoid A Conviction?

Depending on your prior criminal history, you may be eligible for a diversionary program known as Conditional Dismissal. If your attorney convinces the Judge, probation officer and prosecution that the you would be a good candidate for this relief, then you will be given the opportunity to walk away from the charges without a criminal record and penalties provided you complete a period of probation.

Why Wasn’t I Charged With Disorderly Conduct Instead Of Harassment?

Harassment is the criminal offense that is directed at private conduct and misbehavior. In contrast, disorderly conduct is intended to address actions that occur in public.

Hoboken NJ Harassment Attorneys

A harassment conviction can have severe life altering consequences, including impeding employment, preventing you from securing a professional license or even becoming a citizen. The harassment attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are dedicated to making sure you avoid pitfalls such as these so that you can move on from your case in Kearny, Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City or another Hudson County municipal court unaffected. A lawyer at the firm will gladly review the facts associated with your harassment charge and advise you of the best strategies for averting a conviction. Initial consultations of this nature with the lawyers at our firm are free. To reach an attorney now, contact our Jersey City Office at 201-309-0500 or Hoboken Office at 201-932-2288.