Hudson County Assault and Threat Charges

Assault Charges in Jersey City, Hoboken & Elsewhere In Hudson County

Hudson County Assault Charges

Unfortunately, it does not take much for a simple argument with a neighbor, co-worker or stranger to quickly escalate into a nightmare. All too often, what started out as a minor disagreement or misunderstanding suddenly turns violent and an innocent, law abiding citizen, quickly finds they are facing life changing assault charges. Some of the most common assault and threat based offenses charged in Hudson County are aggravated assault, terroristic threats, resisting arrest, eluding and assault by auto. If you have been charged with assault or another threat crime, the potential penalties you face range drastically depending on the degree of offense you have been charged with. Second degree charges are generally the most serious with third degree and fourth degree being less severe although still involving felony crimes that can result in state prison. All assault offenses fall within these three (3) grades are handled at the Hudson County Superior Court, Criminal Division, in Jersey City, with aggravated assault charges under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b) comprising the largest block of cases. Temporary/Final restraining order hearings arising out of domestic assault are also handled at the Jersey City Courthouse except in the Family Division. Disorderly persons offenses involving simple assault, harassment and other less serious violations are heard in the municipal court where the related arrest took place.

Jersey City NJ Assault Offense Defense Attorneys

The team of criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have over 100 years of combined experience. We have also been defending individuals charged with assault, harassment, disorderly conduct, stalking, arson and death by auto in Hudson County NJ for decades. Of the eight criminal defense lawyers that make up the Law Office of Jonathan F. Marshall, four of them are former prosecutors. Their experience and training plays a major role in coming up with the best strategy for defending your case. Here is a list of the more common assault and threat crimes charged in towns like Hoboken, Jersey City, Secaucus, West New York and Weehawken.

Common Hudson County NJ Assault Offenses:

  1. Aggravated Assault
    • Aggravated Assault (Serious Bodily Injury)
    • Aggravated Assault (Significant Bodily Injury)
  2. Arson
  3. Aggravated Arson
  4. Assault by Auto
  5. Harassment
  6. Criminal Mischief
  7. Criminal Restraint
  8. Disorderly Conduct
  9. Eluding
  10. False Imprisonment
  11. Homicide
  12. Kidnapping
  13. Obstructing the Administration of Justice
  14. Resisting Arrest
  15. Terroristic Threats
  16. Trespassing
  17. Simple Assault
  18. Stalking

Experienced Criminal Lawyers To Defend Your Assault Offense In Hoboken NJ

The criminal attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have the experience and skill necessary to successfully defend your liberty. It is important to note here, that unlike most of the larger firms in New Jersey, all of the lawyers at our office are dedicated solely to the criminal defense field. If you or a loved one has been charged with any of the crimes listed above and is looking for an assault lawyer in Hudson County, NJ please do not hesitate to contact our Jersey City office at (201) 309-1800 for a free initial consultation. Remember, all of the charges listed above are serious and can have life changing consequences if they are not handled properly.