Southampton DUI Attorneys

Southampton is located at the center of Burlington County and a DWI jurisdiction that our attorneys know well. Two major highways, U.S. Route 206 and New Jersey Route 70, have significant mileage that traverse the township. This brings loads of opportunity for contact with DUI patrols. The result is well over one-hundred motorists being charged with violating N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 (“Driving while intoxicated”) in Southampton Township each year. If you were arrested for DWI, DUI or Refusing to Provide a Breath Test, the most important decision you make in protecting yourself is your selection of an attorney. While you may be thinking that someone with “juice” in the town can save you from a license suspension and other penalties for drinking and driving, this is a fallacy. NJ law makes plea bargaining illegal in a DWI case so the only way to avoid a conviction is by your lawyer defeating the offense. Skill will obviously play a major role in this quest so your selection must be a good one.

A Skilled DUI Lawyer Is Available To Assist You Immediately

The attorneys at our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, are well equipped to represent you. Our team has been defending charges for well over 100 years combined, includes several former prosecutors, and includes some of the most highly trained DUI attorneys in this state. Colin Bonus, William Proetta and Jonathan Marshall are all among a small group of less than ten in NJ that are dual certified on the Alcotest and as instructors in Field Sobriety Testing. These are the two primary methods used by the Southampton Township Police to prove that someone is intoxicated. We utilize training like this to dismantle the prosecutor’s case and meet the threshold necessary to dismiss a DUI charge. Call our Mt. Laurel Office at 856-234-8900 for an immediate free consultation.

DWI Offense in Southampton Municipal Court

Your DWI offense will be heard in the Southampton Municipal Court irrespective of it being your first, second or third violation of 39:4-50. Cases are heard in the municipal court on the first Friday and second and fourth Tuesday of the month beginning at 8:30 a.m. The municipal court judge that oversees all cases is Honorable Richard E. Andronici. Judge Andronici is responsible for any and all decisions made in proceedings as there is no right to a jury in a DUI. The courtroom and business office of the municipal court is located at 5 Retreat Road, Southampton, NJ. The Court Administrator, Terry Bodine, and her staff are available between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. by appearing in person or calling 609-859-2724. The interactive map below is available to assist you with directions to the court.

Southampton NJ DWI Lawyer

Almost all DUI charges written in Southampton end up being handled locally except those which are referred to Mt. Holly because of involvement of an indictable crime. The overwhelming likelihood is therefore that you offense will be dealt with in the municipal court. Our staff of skilled attorneys can assist you in defending your case utilizing one of the most extensively trained and experience defense teams in New Jersey. A DWI lawyer who is equipped to help you win your case is available to speak to you by calling our office in Mt. Laurel at 856-234-8900.