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DWI is one area of law that has the potential to affect all walks of life. Whether someone is construction worker or physician, N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 can cause huge problems if you drink and drive. New Jersey does not discriminate between those get behind the wheel when they are intoxicated as no DUI case can be plea bargained. This means that no matter who you or how connected your counsel has with the Court, the case cannot be downgraded or dismissed unless the prosecutor and judge genuinely believe that there is an issue concerning the proofs in the case. So if you fail to hire someone that is both capable and committed to aggressively pursuing something to allow for a positive outcome, you have no chance of reaching any result short of a conviction. This means not only the loss of your driver’s license for even a first offense but potentially devastating financial ramifications in the form of fines, annual surcharges, and dramatically increased insurance rates. There is also the possibility of your losing your liberty and being incarcerated, especially if this is your second offense or third offense.

At our DWI defense firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we unquestionably possess what may be the largest and most highly trained team for defending drunk driving in New Jersey. First, there are multiple former municipal prosecutors on staff that have handled too many of these cases to even estimate. Second, we one of a handful of firms that employ several individuals that are Alcotest certified (i.e. possess the same or better training on the breathalyzer than the police). Third, two of the members are among the about five in the state who are not only certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing but are also qualified as instructors in these tests. There is no doubt that the run of the mill police officer has significantly inferior training in these tests. This allows us to identify and attack situations where roadside tests failed to adhere to accepted standards and were unfair. Lastly, we one of less than 3-4 firms in the entire state with its own Alcotest to assist in preparing cases. All of this experience and qualification provides us with potent tools to successfully defense cases throughout the county including the following top 12 DWI towns:

With well over 2,000 DWI tickets issued each year, it is certainly possible that your case is pending in one of the less high volume towns. We serve all of the municipal courts in the county and are prepared to attack the defense of your charge anywhere in Burlington County. Your time to act is now as the Administrative Office of the Courts has directed that all DWI, DUI and Refusal Charges be resolved within 60 days of issuance of the related summons. Please do not hesitate to contact us at  856-234-8900 to speak to an experienced attorney or to schedule an appointment in our Mt. Laurel Office.

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As as a starting point, it should be clarified that the same New Jersey Law applies whether your violation involves alcohol or drugs. The only real differences in these types of cases involves the lacking of a Tier I and Tier II for a first offense where marijuana, heroin or some other form of controlled dangerous substance (“CDS”) is the intoxicant. In addition, the proofs necessary to establish a 39:4-50 based on alcohol versus drugs. The crux of either form of this offense is nevertheless exactly the same. Was your mental and physical capacity impaired at the time of the stop because of some mood altering substance? This is demonstrated in the typical case by demonstrating that you were operating your vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (“BAC”) of .08% or higher. There are obviously many legal issues and other considerations that arise along the way and our attorneys are well versed in all of these, including:

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We field hundreds of calls almost every month from individuals just like you. The best thing we can tell them is to find the most qualified DWI attorney because this will put them in the best position to succeed. A lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience is going to be able to identify, develop and present an issue to raise reasonable doubt, something that is absolutely necessary for the court to accept a dismissal, amendment and/or downgrade. To learn how our Mt. Laurel firm would go about representing you, call us and a DWI lawyer would be more than happy to assist you.