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Although Florence ranks 20th of the 40 municipalities in Burlington County in terms of square miles, it almost always in the top 5 annually in terms of DWI arrests. This should certainly signal to you just how serious the police are in this township when it comes to driving while intoxicated and under the influence of drugs. You need to be just as determined if you want to maintain your privilege to drive in New Jersey, as well as save yourself thousands of dollars in monetary fallout. You will not be able to plea bargain your DWI or DUI charge as that practice is outlawed in N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 cases. You also will not be able to rely on the thought that you will secure a hardship or work license if you are found guilty as that does not exist in this state. It will take a genuine kink in the state’s proofs in order to succeed and a skilled attorney is imperative in this regard. Our staff of DWI lawyers are definitely among that most highly trained and experienced teams you can find in defense. Both Jonathan F. Marshall and Colin Bonus are within the 5 or so attorneys statewide who are certified as instructors in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They are also certified as operators of the Draeger 7110 Alcotest machine, as are other members of the staff. We also happen to enjoy the benefit of employing several former municipal prosecutors who can add unique perspective in the battling DWI charges. If you were arrested and charged with DWI or driving under the influence of marijuana or other drugs, call our office at 856-234-8900 to speak to an attorney experienced in defending cases in Florence. The consultation is free of charge so do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.

Charged With DUI in Florence New Jersey

As previously stated, while Florence is limited in size and roadways (i.e. about 67 miles total), it is not unusual for its municipal court to hear 100 or more DWI violations in a given year. For the 2013-2014 reported court hear, there were 90 summonses issued for alcohol and drug related N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 violations. Motorist driving on the Pennsylvania Extension of the New Jersey Turnpike make up a considerable block of these violations. The next largest block of stops involve individuals leaving establishments along U.S. 130 that serve alcoholic beverages. All driving while intoxicated charges issued in any context within the township are heard at the Florence Municipal Court which is located at 711 Broad Street, Florence, NJ 08518. The municipal prosecutor, Andrew Smith, Esq., bears the burden of proving you guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Honorable Richard E. Andronici will decide all issues of fact and law as there are no jury trials. The Court meets each month on the second Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. and the third and fourth Monday at 1:00 p.m. Questions regarding the court calendar can be directed to the Court Administrator, Patricia A. Mellor, C.M.C.A., by contacting the court at 609-499-2222.

Florence DWI Defense Attorneys

You will put yourself at significant disadvantage if you fail to take swift action as the court is directed to resolve DWI tickets within 60 days of issuance of the violation. You need to allow sufficient time to explore the often complicated discovery issues involved in the defense of driving while intoxicated cases. If you fail to do so, you will face a license suspension of up to a year for a first offense, two years for a second offense and ten years for a third offense. And this is on top of fines, increased insurance premiums, sizable annual surcharges and other financial ramifications. There is even the possibility of jail. Do not compromise your defense by sitting on your rights. Call us now for a no obligation telephone consultation or to schedule a free consultation in our Mt. Laurel or Princeton Office.