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Florence ranks well within the top ten of the forty municipalities in Burlington County for DWI, Traffic and Criminal Charges like simple assault, drug charges and theft. This would probably be surprising if you just considered the size (i.e. 10.177 square miles) and the population of this Township (i.e. 12,109 residents). The municipality is, however, a significant transportation corridor for those traveling through the county, including from the New Jersey Turnpike. This resulted in almost 1,500 criminal complaints and over 6,000 traffic summonses being issued for the twelve months ending June 2014. If you were the recipient of a charge in Florence Township, you have landed on the right article. The reason we say this is because our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, is one of the largest criminal defense firms in the state. Our team features several former prosecutors and a staff with decades appearing in Florence Municipal Court. An attorney on our team is available immediately at 856-234-8900 for a free initial consultation.

Florence Township Municipal Court Information

Photograph of front of Florence Municipal ComplexAddress: 71 Broad Street, Florence NJ 08518
Telephone Number: 609-499-2222
Judge: Honorable Richard E. Andronici
Court Administrator: Patricia A. Mellor
Prosecutor: Andrew Smith, Esq.
Court Sessions: 2nd Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.; 3rd & 4th Monday at 1:00 p.m.

Criminal & Traffic Offenses in Florence New Jersey

Of the 1,477 criminal filings in Florence New Jersey over the 2013-14 court year, 251 were for indictable crimes of the first, second, third or fourth degree. This would include all arrests involving allegations of selling or distributing CDS/Drugs, aggravated assault, burglary, and terroristic threats. These matters involve a right to a jury trial and can only be adjudicated at the Burlington County Superior Court, Mount Holly NJ. Less serious criminal cases involving disorderly persons offenses fall within the jurisdiction of the Florence Municipal Court. The most common of these violations are shoplifting, disorderly conduct, simple assault and possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana. There were 805 complaints last year for charges falling within this grade. Lastly, Judge Andronici presides over all motor vehicle tickets/summonses issued in Florence Township. There were 6,041 speeding, careless/reckless driving, driving while suspended, driving without insurance and other traffic infractions issued over this period. This is an exceptionally high number and stems from so many major roadways in the town including the New Jersey Turnpike, Interstate 295, and U.S. Route 130.

Florence Defense Lawyers

Whether you are a resident of Florence or someone who was passing through the Township, our law firm welcomes the opportunity to speak to you about your pending charge. This is something that you should certainly consider strongly as most municipal court offenses have the potential to result in serious consequences. Most disorderly persons offenses have the possibility of triggering up to six months in jail on top of a criminal record. In addition, all drug/cds related convictions carry a minimum driver’s license suspension of six months. Similar ramifications can result from a serious traffic ticket or summons, including leaving the scene of an accident and possession of CDS in a motor vehicle. It should therefore be clear to you that a free consultation with one of our lawyers is something you should take advantage of. To speak to an attorney at the firm, call us at 856-234-8900.