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It is illegal to possess or distribute drugs falling under the Controlled Dangerous Substance Act unless it is done in accordance with a prescription. Drugs like heroin, cocaine, MDMA and methamphetamine have no valid medical application so possession of any quantity is a crime in New Jersey. A conviction for a drug offense, especially one that is a felony at the Burlington County Superior Court in Mount Holly New Jersey, results in serious consequences including a criminal record, suspension of your ability to drive, years in state prison and other penalties depending on the type of CDS and amount involved. You should also know that even a disorderly persons offense for possessing drugs can land you in the county jail for as much as six (6) months. When someone is faced with a drug charge or indictment, it is critical that you understand that there rarely is a substitute for a skilled defense attorney.

We are the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, a ten (10) lawyer criminal firm located in Mt. Holly and Mount Laurel. Our team of former prosecutors and skilled lawyers defend drug charges throughout Burlington County, including those arising in Evesham, Medford, Pemberton, Burlington Township and Bordentown. More importantly, we have almost 200 years of combined experience handling possession, distribution and intent to distribute cases and have the benefit of previously serving as Director of Major Crimes, the Drug Task Force and the entire Trial Division at the Prosecutor’s Office. Make sure you know who you are hiring and they have a real track record, certainly some genuine jury trial experience, before your future is put into their hands. The attorneys on staff here have the credentials to ensure you are fully protected.

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The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, with offices at 217 Highly Street, Suite 201, Mount Holly, NJ and at 309 Fellowship Road, Mount Laurel, NJ, defend clients charged with possession or distribution of drugs like Oxycodone/oxycontin, Xanax, Suboxone, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, MDMA, LSD, methamphetamine and synthetic cannabinoids throughout Burlington County. 

Burlington County Drug Charges

Almost all drug charges in Burlington County involve a felony crime of the first, second, third or fourth degree that have to be handled at the county courthouse located in Mount Holly. The only time a cds charge is a disorderly persons offense that falls under the jurisdiction of a municipal court is where the case involves possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana and four or fews doses of a prescription drug, failure to turn over cds or being under the influence of cds. Our firm is accomplished in defending all drug/cds charges, including:

Since virtually all of these types of charges involve crimes of the first degree, second degree, third degree or fourth degree, there is always the possibility of someone losing their freedom in the event of conviction.  A first degree drug crime, for example, distributing 5 ounces or more of cocaine, heroin, MDMA or methamphetamine, maintaining a cds production facility or being a leader of a narcotics trafficking network, exposes an individual to 10-20 years in prison (or more). A second degree cds offense like distributing LSD in a quantity of less than 100 milligrams results in 5-10 years of incarceration. Most drug offenses fall within the third degree range, including personal possession of cocaine, heroin or ecstasy, carriers up to 5 years of imprisonment. Even a fourth degree crime for distribution of less than an ounce of marijuana triggers the possibility of 18 months.

A Powerful Team Of CDS Defense Lawyers Is Ready To Defend You

The biggest factor in your escaping jail and other penalties associated with a Burlington County drug charge is presentation of your best defenses. There is nothing that can facilitate this goal better than hiring the most experienced criminal attorney that you can locate.  Most of our members of our firm are former prosecutors that have handled everything from the most complicated CDS case to very basic municipal court drug charges. We know the most effective approaches to challenging a possession of cds or even a possession with intent to distribute case. Our attorneys will challenge the search and seizure in your case and exhaust all possible defenses:

Motor Vehicle Stop. Many individuals who are arrested for a drug crime after their car, truck or other motor vehicle was stopped and searched. The police must possess not only a proper legal basis to make a stop but also to embark upon a search of the vehicle. We will fight your case on either basis since you have constitutional protections against being stopped or searched without probable cause.

Search Warrant. When the police conduct a search in accordance with a search warrant, they are limited to parameters of the document. Furthermore, they cannot secure a warrant without bona fide facts supporting probable cause to warrant the search. It is extremely important that an attorney dissects the sequences of events leading to issuance of the warrant, as well as whether it was properly served and performed.

Warrantless Search. The biggest area of abuse by police are warrantless searches. It is too often the case that facts are fabricated or distorted to provide basis for what would otherwise be a constitutionally baseless search of a car, house, apartment or other area. Lawyers at our firm are prepared to fight to set aside searches and seizures where this has occurred.

Miranda Rights. You have a constitutional right against interrogation without being Mirandized. A confession or admissions against your interest that was secured in violation on your Miranda Rights is inadmissible. A skilled attorney like those at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall will ensure that evidence procured in this manner is excluded.

There are also several diversion programs that an attorney who is knowledgeable in defending cds offenses can utilize to escape the consequences previously discussed. It is possible for you to obtain Pretrial Intervention (“PTI”) or a Conditional Discharge if you are a first time drug offender. There is also Burlington County Drug Court for those whose crimes are the result of dependency rather than a true criminal propensity. The lawyers at the Marshall Firm have decades of experience working with all of these programs and a long track history of helping individuals arrested for drug charges just like you.

Mt. Holly NJ Drug Offense Attorneys

All indictable criminal violations are heard at the Burlington County Superior Court which happens to be located just one block from the Mt. Holly Office of Jonathan F. Marshall.  The county courthouse is where all grand jury proceedings and jury trials take place. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have extensive trial experience to put into action on your behalf ind the event that you were charged with a first degree, second degree, third degree or fourth degree crime involving CDS. We also appear routinely in municipal courts like the one in Pemberton, Moorestown, Eastampton, Delran and Florence. There are accomplished cds defense attorneys at this office to competently serve you irrespective of the type of drug case you are facing in Burlington County.  Lawyers are available immediately at 609-491-2110 to help you and your consultation is complimentary.