Statute of Limitation for NJ Criminal Offenses

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The NJ criminal code sets forth statutes of limitation for prosecuting an individual. These limitation periods prevent the state from prosecuting cases that are untimely, that is, outside the related statutory period. Where prosecution is instituted outside the limitation period, it is barred.

The statute of limitation for prosecution of a crime in New Jersey is generally five years. A prosecution is commenced when an indictment is issued with respect to a criminal offense. Prosecution for murder or rape may be commenced at any time.

A disorderly persons charge must be prosecuted within one year of commission of the related offense. Prosecution of a disorderly persons offense commences when a complaint or warrant is issued charging the defendant.

The statute of limitation for criminal prosecution is tolled or suspended during any period that the defendant flees from justice.

If you believe that the statute of limitation may bar the criminal complaint or indictment filed against you, our defense lawyers would be happy to explore this issue further on your behalf. Every attorney at our firm has considerable knowledge concerning New Jersey criminal law and would be happy to put this expertise to work for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us as a criminal lawyer is available to speak to you immediately.