Restoration Of Driving Privileges

If an individual’s driving privilege is suspended as a result of a DWI, DUI or refusal conviction, he or she is unable to drive until he or she has satisfied the related suspension period. It is also typical for the sentencing court to insist that all court fines be paid before the suspension period has expired. Completion of IDRC and any community services is ordinarily not a prerequisite to restoration of driving privileges provided the driver is compliant with any obligations imposed under either program.

It is clearly an error to assume that a driving suspension has expired and it is permissible to drive. The New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles must issue an Order of Restoration and, unless a driver has received the notice, it is probably unsafe to assume that their license is restored. Additionally, a restoration fee must be paid to the New Jersey DMV before an eligible driver may have his or her license restored.

So what is the lesson? Do not drive unless and until you have an order of restoration in hand. The best way to insure that there are no mishaps in this regard, is to visit your local DMV office on the date you believe your suspension period has expired.