Federal Criminal Defense

We Represent Clients Facing Federal Criminal Charges

If you have been indicted on federal drugs, weapons or fraud charges, you should hire a defense lawyer who understands the special challenges involved with federal criminal law and procedure. At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our attorneys know how to make the differences between state and federal criminal defense work in your favor at every opportunity. Contact us at any of our five New Jersey offices for a free consultation.

The best time to contact us is before you are formally charged

Although we can understand why a sensible person might not recognize a federal grand jury subpoena as an opportunity, it can actually represent an excellent chance for your attorney to go to work on your defense before an indictment is returned against you.

In the federal criminal justice system, the prosecution does not file a criminal complaint, but instead presents evidence to a grand jury, which then decides whether or not to issue formal criminal charges, known as an indictment. The grand jury process might take an afternoon, it might take a month, or it might take a year or longer — it all depends on the complexity of the case and the nature of the federal investigation.

If you’re contacted by FBI, DEA or ATF agents, or if you’re required to provide testimony to a federal grand jury, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can give you the advice you need to keep from incriminating or perjuring yourself. We can also go to work with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the effort to keep the most serious potential charges from even being considered. When successful, we can keep your status in an investigation as one of “unindicted coconspirator,” “person of interest,” or “witness.”

We work to expand your options before you are indicted

In certain situations, we can even negotiate with the government for you to testify under a grant of immunity. Any chance you have to avoid being named as a defendant can keep you ahead of the game.

If you are indicted, we have the pretrial and trial skills necessary to protect you from a wide range of federal criminal charges:

  • Drug trafficking, smuggling or importation
  • Federal immigration charges
  • Fraud and federal false statement cases
  • Public corruption such as bribery or campaign finance violations
  • Conspiracy charges of all kinds

  • Money laundering
  • Assault of a federal officer or agent
  • Crimes on federal property
  • Federal weapons offenses, such as felon in possession of a firearm

For additional information about the scope of our federal criminal defense practice, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall in Shrewsbury, Cranford, or any of our other four locations in New Jersey.