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Parents certainly want their children to learn from their mistakes but things definitely get more complicated when it is the result of being charged with a criminal offense. Discovering that your son or daughter has been arrested by the North Bergen Police can be devastating and leave you wondering what to do to protect their future.  Contacting a defense lawyer with experience defending juvenile criminal charges at the Hudson County Superior Court is exactly what is necessary to ensure your child has every chance of avoiding a record. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have precisely what is needed with credentials like:

  • Over 200 years representing children charged with drug, assault, weapon, sex, theft and other offenses
  • 10 lawyers who practice exclusively in criminal defense
  • Former county prosecutors that served in key positions like Director of the Juvenile Unit, Major Crimes, Drug Task Force and an entire Trial Division
  • Certified criminal trial attorneys
  • An office located directly across from the Family Division on Newark Avenue in Jersey City where the charges shall be heard

Our juvenile defense lawyers have a thorough knowledge of the juvenile laws and extensive courtroom experience defending children accused of criminal offenses. We take our responsibility toward you and your child seriously and are ready to formulate a strategy designed to reach the most beneficial outcome in your child’s case.  Contact our Jersey City Office at (201) 309-0500 for a free consultation with a lawyer on our staff anytime 24/7.

Juvenile Charges in North Bergen

An accusation that a person younger than 18 years of age committed a criminal offense is handled differently than an accusation against an adult. The New Jersey Code of Juvenile Justice defines the rules and procedures for juvenile cases. This includes granting jurisdiction over them to the family part of the superior court instead of a criminal court. There is, however, an exception in certain types of violent offenses committed by teenagers at least 15 years of age.

Teenagers accused of committing a violent criminal offense, such as murder, kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, robbery and other serious offenses, may have their cases transferred from the family court to criminal court where they are treated as adult offenders. Waiver, which is the term used for the transfer process, may be initiated by the prosecution through a petition filed in family court.

If the prosecution requests the waiver of a juvenile offense to criminal court, we ensure that your child’s right to a hearing in family court is preserved to permit us to contest it. The prosecution must present evidence showing probable cause exists to believe the child committed the offense. Our defense strategy at a waiver hearing is to attack the evidence presented by the prosecution while presenting evidence to prove the age and maturity of the child, extent of the child’s involvement in the criminal offense, and other factors weigh in favor of retaining the case in the family court where the child has a better potential for rehabilitation.

Most juvenile delinquency cases that remain in family court involve drinking and drug possession, cds distribution, eluding, criminal mischief, shoplifting, burglary, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, harassment, sex offenses and computer crimes. Children accused of juvenile delinquency have the right to an adjudication hearing where the prosecution must prove the allegations. Our North Bergen NJ Criminal Lawyers will ensure the protection of your child’s rights at the hearing by challenging witnesses and using legal defenses to attack the evidence.

Disposition of Juvenile Cases in North Bergen

If the outcome of an adjudication hearing is a finding of juvenile delinquency, the disposition stage follows. Disposition involves a judge deciding on the best method of rehabilitation. Some of the options available to the court include:

  • Probation supervision
  • Confinement to a juvenile facility
  • Restitution
  • Community service
  • Substance abuse and mental health screening and treatment
  • Participation in academic or vocational programs

Diversion and deferred disposition offer two options for children accused of juvenile offenses in family court. Deferred disposition allows a judge to delay formal disposition of the case to permit the child to live at home with court imposed conditions he or she must satisfy. If a child returns to court showing satisfactory completion of the court-imposed conditions, the underlying juvenile offense is dismissed with a formal disposition.Your child’s attorney will review available programs with you and the eligibility requirements for them. We strongly advocate on behalf of your child for entry into programs that will allow for the avoidance of a juvenile delinquency adjudication.

North Bergen Juvenile Criminal Attorneys

The defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall put their years of extensive experience into action to defend the rights of children charged with  juvenile criminal offenses. We have know what it takes to effectively handle charges like the one you are facing at the courthouse in Jersey City. To speak to an attorney about the allegations against your child, call (201) 309-0500 for a free consultation any time of day or night.