Central Judicial Processing

What is Central Judicial Processing?

In Hudson County, the first court you will appear after you have been formally charged with an indictable (felony) offense is known as the Central Judicial Processing Court or CJP. In Hudson County, the CJP court is located at the Administration Building, 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ. Several important things happen at the Hudson County CJP court. Probably the most important is that defense counsel can make their first pitch to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office to downgraded the felony offense to a disorderly persons offense and have it remand jurisdiction to the local municipal court for adjudication. Other key things that may occur at the Hudson County Central Judicial Process Hearing include the Defendant’s arraignment, a bail review and initial discovery may be provided.

Do I need an Attorney For Hudson County CJP Court?

If you have been served with notice to appear before the Central Judicial Processing Court in Hudson County, then this means that you are facing, at least initially, an indictable offense (also known as a felony offense in other jurisdictions). These charges could include first, second, third or fourth degree offenses, as well as any non-indictable offenses that are in connection to the indictable offense. Indictable offenses carry significant prison sentences upon conviction and should be handled with care and expertise at every step of the judicial process. Some of the typical charges that find their way into the central judicial processing hearing include but are not limited too: heroin distribution, aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a weapon, robbery, burglary, carjacking and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. With strong representation and advocacy the accused may be able to convince the judge and prosecutor that certain charges should be downgraded or remanded or that a more reasonable bail should be set. If you can obtain such a downgrade or remand, then your case may be handled at the municipal court level.

Beyond having your charges reduced and your case downgraded from an indictable offense, to a misdemeanor, the prosecutor will also turn over initial discovery to the Defendant at CJP court hearing. Understanding what pieces of discovery need to be included and what pieces may be missing is crucial to properly defending criminal charges. If the prosecutor fails to turn over exculpatory evidence and you are not advised by counsel, then you may not realize that such evidence is outstanding and you may be forced to plead to a crime you are not constitutionally guilty of committing.

Can I Have my Bail Reduced at Central Judicial Processing Court?

As mentioned prior, the court may take the opportunity to hear counsel’s arguments as to why defendant’s bail should be reduced or altered (so as to allow for collateral payment or a 10% option). For defendant’s who committed serious crimes, yet lack financial liquidity, this is a crucial stage where they may alter their current bail and at least have the possibility of satisfying the bail requirements. Pleading your case for why bail should be reduced requires a firm grasp on the mitigating factors to court will consider in bail reduction issues. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have spent years appearing before the CJP court and filing motions for bail reduction. If you or someone you love have received a notice to appear before the CJP court, you do not have to go it alone. With over 100 years of cumulative experience, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are the firm you need to reduce your bail, downgrade your charges or get your case remanded.

Central Judicial Processing Defense Lawyers

The Law Office of Jonathan F. Marshall has the experience and skill set required to successfully advocate on your behalf at your Central Judicial Processing Hearing. Our office has eight criminal defense attorneys on staff, making our office one of the largest criminal defense firms in the State let alone Hudson County. If you would like a free initial consultation with any one of our eight Hudson County NJ criminal defense lawyers, please contact our Jersey City office at (201) 309-1800. For additional information, please check out Hudson County’s page on Central Judicial Processing by clicking here.