Lake Como Traffic Tickets

Traffic Summons Defense Lawyer & Former Prosecutor

It might be difficult to fathom but 1,508 traffic tickets were issued in Lake Como over the last court year. It may not therefore come as a surprise that the lawyers at our law firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall frequently represent individuals on all kinds of traffic summons cases in Lake Como. A lawyer from our office is available to discuss your options if you have been charged with a traffic offense in Lake Como. An attorney is available 24/7 and initial consultations are without charge. The following is a summary of the most frequent motor vehicle offenses encountered by our attorneys in Lake Como including driving while suspended, careless driving, reckless driving, driving without insurance and speeding.

Driving While Suspended in Lake Como

A summons for driving while suspended or revoked is a serious matter. A conviction for driving while suspended carries an additional period of suspension and mandatory jail for a third or subsequent violation. If you are charged with driving while suspended, it is not advisable in our judgment to walk into Lake Como court without a lawyer.

Reckless & Careless Driving in Lake Como

Traffic tickets for careless driving or reckless driving are common in Lake Como. Basically, careless driving requires a showing akin to negligence, that is, driving without due care. On the other hand, reckless driving involves a conscious disregard for the risk of harm to others. The penalties are, not surprisingly, quite different for careless driving in Lake Como as well. While a careless driving summons is typically limited to a fine and two motor vehicle points, a conviction for reckless driving frequently involves a period of license suspension. The lawyers at our firm are often successful in eliminating and/or minimizing these charges in Lake Como.

Driving Without Insurance in Lake Como

Driving without insurance carries a minimum license suspension of one year for a first offense and mandatory jail for a second conviction. The penalties are obviously severe so it is in the best interests of an individual charged in Lake Como with driving without insurance to retain an attorney. Our lawyers are frequently able to have this charge dismissed and/or downgraded, even where the case appears in defensible.

Speeding in Lake Como

In addition to a fine, speeding carries more vehicle points ranging from two to five pending on how far in excess of the speed limit is involved. Our lawyers find these tickets to be highly susceptible to defense.

We offer defense representation to all motor vehicle charges in Lake Como. Do not hesitate to give us a telephone call if you have received a traffic ticket.