Somerville NJ Conspiracy Defense Attorneys

One of the more frequently encountered criminal offenses in Somerset County is conspiracy. This charge can arise in just about any context as it is triggered whenever someone enters into an agreement to sell CDS, commit a theft, or commit any other violation of the law. When someone engages in this conduct they are said to “conspire” and all those who participate are referred to as “conspirators”. Since conspiracy does not apply to a disorderly persons offense, it does not arise in municipal court. All N.J.S.A. 2C:5-2 charges are handled at the Somerset County Superior Court as they are indictable in nature. So whether you were arrested in Green Brook, Watchung, North Plainfield, Hillsborough or Franklin, your case involves a felony that will be transferred and resolved at the Courthouse in Somerville. Our attorneys, many of whom are former prosecutors and make up a 8 member team with over 100 years experience, have been defending conspiracy charges in this jurisdiction for decades. To speak to one of the attorneys on our staff, call our Bridgewater Defense Office at 908-772-1011 for immediate consultation.

Charged With Conspiracy To Distribute CDS

The greatest number of conspiracy cases involve distribution of a controlled dangerous substance (“CDS”). In order to convict someone of conspiracy, the prosecutor must establish four (4) elements beyond reasonable doubt:

  1. There was an agreement between you and at least one other person;
  2. Your intent in entering into the agreement was to promote or facilitate the commission of a crime;
  3. The object of the agreement was to commit, attempt or solicit criminal conduct or to aid someone in this regard; and
  4. There was an overt act committed by you in furtherance of the conspiracy.

Unless all of these elements can be proven by the state, you cannot be convicted of conspiring. The only exception to this relates to the need for an overt act (i.e. element 4 above) which does not apply if the charge involves distribution or possession of drugs or a first degree or second degree crime.

Conspiracy is a crime of the same degree as the offense that is the object of the agreement except where a first degree offense is involved. Conspiracy grades out as a second degree crime in that instance. The only time this is not the case is when the conspiracy is to commit murder, terrorism, aggravated arson, money laundering or human trafficking. Conspiracy is a first degree crime in these limited circumstances.

Second degree conspiracy results in a fine of up to $150,000 and five to ten years in state prison. Third degree conspiracy carries a maximum fine of $15,000 and five years in prison. Fourth degree conspiracy is less serious with up to 18 months of incarceration and a $7,500 fine.

Bridgewater Conspiracy Lawyer

As the second most populated municipality in Somerset County, Bridgewater has its share of defendants arrested for conspiracy. Whether it involves conspiracy to commit shoplifting or burglary at Bridgewater Commons or something more serious, this offense is nothing to take lightly. There is always state prison exposure in the event you are found guilty, not to mention a resulting criminal record. There is also the possibility of thousands of dollars in court imposed fines. These consequences should be ample reason for you to retain the most skilled lawyer you can find. We believe that The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is an excellent option for you in this regard. Call us anytime of day or night for a free consultation at 908-772-1011.