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Drug crimes are among the most common criminal offenses in New Jersey, with astounding arrest and conviction rates for individuals at every age and walk of life. Due to the nature of these charges, they are seldom issued in isolation, often accompanied by other charges such as possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle, driving under the influence of drugs, possession of CDS in a school zone, or drugs and guns violations. Depending on the circumstances that preceded your arrest, issues involving search and seizure may become integral to the success of the your case. Without a thorough understanding of your rights and the rules of evidence, you may be subject to suspension of your driving privileges, community service, significant fines, or a term of incarceration.

With a team of attorneys who have prosecuted and defended a myriad of drug crimes, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall brings an unparalleled level of foresight when investigating a drug charge on behalf of our clients. After a comprehensive evaluation of your case in order to identify prospective arguments from both sides, we will devise a strategy that works to your advantage, whether that involves a negotiated plea to a lesser sentence, enrollment in a diversionary program such as conditional discharge or Pre-Trial Intervention, or the complete dismantling of the State’s case against you at trial. With all of the unknowns that come with criminal charges, placing your confidence in our process means that 100 years of legal expertise is at your disposal. Contact our offices anytime for a cost-free consultation with a seasoned member of our criminal defense team.

Somerset County NJ Drug Offense Lawyers

Having successfully resolved tens of thousands of drug cases during their careers, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have been called upon as resources by a number of distinguished publications and media outlets, including ABC, CNBC, The Asbury Park Press, and USA Today. We often assist clients charged with drug offenses such as:

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Combining the invaluable insight gained prosecuting drug cases, with decades of experience defending clients faced with these allegations, our criminal defense team has the tools necessary to construct a compelling and effective defense in your drug case. To discuss your pending charges with one of our attorneys and find the answers to your pressing questions, contact The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall for a free consultation.