License Suspension Hearing

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NJ Division of Motor Vehicles

The NJ Division of Motor Vehicles is the state agency responsible for regulating drivers licenses, including commercial (“CDL”) and provisional licenses. Individuals are often confused as to their rights when it comes to action taken by the Division of Motor Vehicles to suspend a license or order some other action with respect to licensing. For example, an individual can often find themselves in receipt of a notice of proposed suspension from the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles notwithstanding the fact that they were already found not guilty of a related driving while suspended, unlicensed driver, speeding or reckless driving ticket. The dynamic here is that while the moving violation was defeated, the Division still has notice that the driver was operating on a roadway or operating in a certain manner, and administratively takes action against the driver. It is more often the case, however, that individuals are receiving a notice of suspension because they have accumulated more than 12 points on their license, were on motor vehicle probation, completed a point reduction program to keep their license within the last 12 months, or were involved in some incident of magnitude involving operation of a vehicle (e.g. high speed, death, serious injury, etc.).

The lawyers at our New Jersey law firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, have years of experience defending individuals on traffic offenses and before the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles. In an overwhelming majority of suspension cases before the Division of Motor Vehicles, our lawyers have been successful in eliminating or reducing the period of proposed suspension. Indeed, simply stipulating or agreeing to a proposed period of suspension is foolish as an experienced attorney can often defeat a suspension and/or mitigate the period of suspension. This means that the period of suspension proposed by the NJDMV as a result of an accumulation of points, driving while suspended or unlicensed, or some other reason, can be reduced, if not eliminated.

If you or a loved one finds themselves in receipt of a notice of proposed suspension by the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles, our lawyers can assist you. Every lawyer at our firm is knowledgeable in the motor vehicle and traffic laws of NJ and put their experience to work for our clients. An attorney will make sure that an appeal of a notice of suspension is properly filed and will represent you before the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles. Our lawyers will insure that your rights are protected throughout this process and that any suspension period is eliminated or minimized. Please do not hesitate to contact our office as a lawyer is available to answer your questions and initial consultations are always without charge.