Out of State Drivers

New Jersey Traffic Offense Lawyers

Our firm is frequently contacted by individuals from other states who have received summonses for traffic violations in New Jersey. There are basically two scenarios wherein the traffic defense lawyers at our firm are consulted in this regard. The first scenario is where a traffic ticket has been issued to a resident of another state, typically, for speeding, careless driving, DWI, driving while suspended, or some other traffic offense. The individual has an out-of-state driver’s license and they received a traffic ticket in New Jersey. In these cases, our firm can represent you and appear on your behalf by way of affidavit (because many times these individuals live in states like Florida, California, or North Carolina) and negotiate a plea with the prosecutor. We will draft an affidavit which resolves the charges, have you execute the affidavit, and we will appear and submit the affidavit in resolution of the charges.

The second scenario in which our traffic lawyers are contacted involves a New Jersey traffic violation which occur when an out-of-state resident was licensed in New Jersey. In other words, the person resided in New Jersey and received a traffic summons like a DWI, DUI or refusal, driving while suspended, or some other traffic offense, but moved out of state before resolving the charge. An unanswered traffic offense in New Jersey almost always catches up to someone who moves to another state via the Division of Motor Vehicles. In this regard, the out-of-state resident’s driving privileges get suspended in New Jersey and the suspension is communicated to Division of Motor Vehicles of other states. The out-of-state driver is then unable to renew their drivers license in their home state and/or their license is suspended in their home state. In these cases, our traffic ticket attorneys can contact the New Jersey municipal court in which your charges are outstanding and determine exactly what is involved. There is frequently an outstanding warrant in these instances and our defense lawyers are typically extended the courtesy of the warrant being withdrawn provided we are retained to handle the case and send a letter of representation to the Court. We can then appear in the municipal court on an out-of-state driver’s behalf and negotiate a plea. After the plea is negotiated, we can draft an affidavit concerning the amended charges which were negotiated and have the affidavit executed by the client. The affidavit is then submitted to the Court, along with any fines, in resolution of the ticket(s). We may also have to appear at the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles to have the client’s privileges restored so that they are in good standing such that they may obtain and/or renew their license in another state.

If you or a loved one is an out-of-state resident who has received a summons for a traffic violation in New Jersey, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall for a free initial consultation. Our experienced traffic ticket attorneys are available to assist you in your legal matter.