Client Reviews

“I have made some mistakes including getting involved with drugs. This last time it almost landed me in prison but I hired Mr. Marshall. He was able to keep me out of jail and I did not even lose my license. His firm really knows what it is doing and you can tell this is something that the prosecutors recognize. I hope that I won’t need a criminal attorney again but it will definitely will be Mr. Marshall if I screw up.”

– from our client Cheryl

“My father was accused of sexual assault for something that supposedly occurred many years ago. We didn’t know what to do because we had never been involved in something like this before. My sisters and I did a lot of research and met with Jonathan. He provided us with both comfort and confidence in the meeting and I hired him for my father. I do not know whether it was his smooth confidence or just respect that he had earned but we could definitely see that he had the attention of both the prosecutor and judge when we appeared in court. The good news is that my father’s charges were eventually downgraded to the point that he can move on with his life without worrying about registering as a sex offender or going to jail. I know that Jonathan’s efforts were a major reason for the outcome, which was something other lawyers felt was unlikely. I recommend Jonathan and his firm to anyone needing a defense lawyer.”

– from our client Mel

“I was given Mr. Marshall’s contact info from a friend who had an excellent experience with him. He helped me with my divorce and I came out of court smiling. He knows his stuff.”

– from our client Kristin

“Jonathan has been extremely successful in handling all my legal needs he has been timely courteous sensible and efficient. If you want to be the best with the best then I urge you to use him in all your legal needs.”

– from our client Michael P.

“Jonathan and his team got my DWI dismissed because they discovered the trooper didn’t follow procedure. Jonathan was a straight shooter from the start and followed through. Thanks Jonathan, seriously!”

– from our client James