Client Reviews

“You never anticipate having to hire a criminal lawyer, especially later in life. But if the need arises I would definitely recommend Jonathan and his firm. Our son got himself involved in an extremely serious matter that could have resulted in over 10 years in prison. We did our research, interviewed several attorneys, and eventually decided to hire Jonathan. From then on we knew our decision was the right one. He eased our stress when we needed it and had a clear plan for attacking the charges. Every time we went to court it seemed like we inched a little better toward avoiding jail. I couldn’t imagine my son going to jail despite the odds of it happening and Jonathan accomplished what so many other lawyers said was extremely unlikely. My son avoided jail.”

– from our client Jay

“My experiences with Jonathan started out many years ago with a simple consultation about some minor legal issues. Even then I was pretty much in shock from the amount of honesty of what he can and cannot do after hearing so many different horror stories from so many other people and their experiences with lawyers. I’ve watched two of my children and a couple of friends try to handle things themselves and go to other lawyers when they have gotten into trouble but when they finally come to me for help I send them right to Jonathan and no one has ever been disappointed. Right from the start know this when you hire Jonathan you don’t just get Jonathan you get a team of lawyers with Jonathan as the leader and responsible for all final decisions regarding directions to go. As a veteran it’s a pleasure to watch him in action.

This last time I had brought my youngest son to Jonathan, when we explained the situation he called one of his team in and together they went over what the other lawyer had done. When we heard the plan my son quickly got angry about why didn’t the other guy, Jonathan very quickly said we ‘re not here for that and let’s move forward (never criticizing the other attorney). Due to the serious nature of the charges, this turned into a long drawn out process. Little by little they chopped away at the prosecutors cases, we went from a little hope to “do you know how lucky you are”. I know luck had nothing to do with it.If you are fortunate enough to go to Jonathan know that unlike other lawyers, if they decide to take your case they will fight and fight with everything they have. You will be hiring someone with honesty, integrity and a level of professionalism not often found. I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude.”

– from our client Mike

“I was charged with second degree eluding and hired Mr. Marshall to defend me. He did an exceptional job. The situation seemed very bleak but he worked it all out. Complete chaos and terror is no more, thanks to his skill and reputation. I received probation when I was supposed to go to jail for 5-10 years. I appreciate the time and effort he put into my case and would absolutely recommend him to some in need of criminal representation.”

– from our client Janice

“I hired Jonathan to defend me on charges of possession of cocaine. He and his excellent team of lawyers did a great job of representing me in court and I was extremely happy with the job he did. I highly recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs great, affordable representation.”

– from our client Patrick

“Jonathan and his team successfully helped me get a speeding ticket dismissed this spring in Red Bank. I was going 35 in an area that was posted 25, but I never saw the sign because it was obstructed by a tree branch. When I told Jonathan where it happens he immediately knew where I was referring to. He had his team photograph the obstruction, and present it in court. I was able to maintain my clean record. Thanks Jonathan!”

– from our client Brett