Somerset County Bail Attorneys

In the vast majority of Somerset County criminal cases, the accused will have a bail amount set shortly following his or her arrest. The related amount must be posted as security to insure the defendant’s  appearance at all future court proceedings on the charge. There are different forms of bail as well as restrictions that may be imposed by the court and an individual cannot be released from custody in North Plainfield, Bound Brook, Bridgewater, Franklin, Manville or the the Somerset County Jail.

If your loved one is being held on bail, our attorneys can help you obtain their release. Individuals like you are often quick to react without legal advice and this haste can result in thousands of dollars in needless expense. A bail bond, posting of the full amount and/or other costs may be fully avoided depending on the facts of your case. A experienced criminal attorney including one of our former prosecutors can explain what is necessary to post bail in the most economic and efficient manner. To discuss bail or a motion to reduce the amount necessary to secure release, call 908-722-1011. Initial consultations with our attorneys are free so do not hesitate to contact our Bridgewater Office.

Process For Setting Bail

The moment someone is arrested for a criminal offense, a judge is contacted regarding bail. This communication typically involves a police officer advising the judge of the nature of the offense, as well as background information regarding the defendant’s prior criminal record (if any) and connection to the community (e.g. residency history, employment, family in the area, etc.). Based on these facts and the recommended bail range for an offense, the type and amount of bail is set. Within forty-eight (48) hours of this determination, a bail review is conducted at the Somerset County Superior Court. The bail can be reduced, increased or remain the same at that time. A defendant is also free to file a bail motion to seek a reduction in the amount required, elimination of a restriction, or to obtain in change in the type of bail.

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of bail is to provide a means of insuring the presence of the defendant at the criminal court proceedings. By requiring a defendant to post money or property that is subject to forfeiture if they fail to appear, bail is intended to discourage someone from fleeing a charge. Bail is not intended to provide a mechanism for confining an accused until an offense is adjudicated.

Somerville NJ Bail Lawyer

When your liberty is at stake, there is no substitute for skilled representation. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can provide potent counsel for securing your release, including obtaining a reduction or modification on bail. We have over 100 years of experience defending a wide variety of charges and bail issues in Somerset County including Franklin, Warren, Hillsborough, Bernards and Montgomery. Call us any time around the clock at 908-722-1011 to speak to a lawyer on our team.