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Atlantic County is most notably known and associated with Atlantic City and the casino industry. While most may think that Atlantic City is the home of Atlantic County’s legal system, that distinction actually belongs to Mays Landing. The Atlantic County Superior Court presently resides in Mays Landing, which actually happens to be one of the smallest municipal entities in the state. The county is diversely comprised of numerous municipalities such as Egg Harbor Twp., Galloway, and Hamilton. Normally if you are stopped and arrested within Atlantic County, the local department police or State Troopers will fingerprint and process you and then serve you with a complaint. You may also have a bail set by a judge or be released then and there on your own recognizance (also known as an ROR). If your complaint involves indictable felony charges such as Cocaine Distribution, Marijuana Possession, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault or Heroin Possession your case will be sent to the Atlantic County Superior Court to be adjudicated. If you or someone you know have been arrested and charged with a felony or indicted for a crime in Atlantic County it is important that you speak with an experienced Atlantic County criminal defense firm that is equipped to handle criminal cases and is familiar with the court system. At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our team of trial attorneys have handled thousands of criminal cases throughout New Jersey including Atlantic County. To find out what can be done to help you mitigate your exposure to criminal penalties contact our Atlantic County Office today. Our representatives are available 24/7 to take your call or you can schedule an appointment to sit down with one of our attorneys.

Atlantic County NJ Superior Court

The Atlantic County Superior Court has two locations, one for criminal cases and one for civil cases. The Criminal Division is located at 4997 Unami Boulevard, Mays Landing, NJ 08330 and handles all the indictable offenses that occur within the borders of Atlantic County. For general information regarding your upcoming court appearance or case, you can try and contact the court at (609) 909-8154. In Atlantic County, all indictable offenses are first screened by the County Prosecutor’s Office where they are either brought before a grand jury for indictment or remanded back to the Municipal Court. The Atlantic County Superior Court – Criminal Division has numerous judges that are frequently shifting in and out of the family division, criminal division, and civil division. Please visit the official website for the Atlantic County Superior Court to learn more information.

Drug Distribution Charges in Atlantic County

The Atlantic County Superior Court handles a cornucopia of indictable offenses such as Burglary, Heroin Possession, Theft, Violation of a Restraining Order, and Sexual Assault. In fact, the Atlantic County Superior Court is one of the most efficient Superior Courts in the entire state of New Jersey. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is tasked with handling suffocating number of criminal matters from beginning to end and may take over a year to handle your case from indictment to sentencing. With all the pressing needs of the Prosecutor’s Office, it is evident why they need every prosecutor they can get. An experienced criminal trial lawyer who has the personality and resources necessary to handle Atlantic County criminal charges can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Contact our office today and we will answer all your questions about your pending criminal charges at the Atlantic County Superior Court in Mays Landing, NJ. Remember, the initial consultation is always provided free of charge.