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Speeding tickets are one of the most common traffic citations issued by law enforcement officers in New Jersey. This offense is so common in part because the state takes speeding seriously and aims to slow down drivers and make our roads a safer place. However, another unfortunate reason why speeding tickets are so popular is that these citations bring in large amounts of revenue for cities and towns throughout the state.

The potential consequences of a speeding ticket vary based on the amount by which a driver is accused of having exceeded the posted speed limit. For citations alleging that a driver exceeded the limit by 1-14 miles per hour, 2 points are added to the driver’s record. For exceeding a posted speed limit by 15-29 mph, 4 points are issued. Speeding offenses involving allegations that a driver exceeded the speed limit by 30 mph or more can result in 5 points.

Fines associated with New Jersey speeding tickets can range from $52 to $200 or more. Fines are increased to double the amount for any speeding offense that occurs in a designated “Safe Corridor” area. It is debatable whether these areas are designated as such in order to actually promote safety, or merely to increase revenue from speeding citations. Additionally, fines may also be doubled for offenses occurring on the New Jersey Turnpike. Fines are also doubled for offenses occurring in construction zones, as the safety of construction workers on the highway is easily endangered by speeding, and for offenses that involve exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph or more in a 65 mph zone, since the offense is considered to be particularly dangerous at high rates of speed.

Although it is not common for judges to issue driver’s license suspensions for speeding offenses in New Jersey, some courts will issue a license suspension in matters where a driver is found to have exceeded the posted speed limit by more than 30 mph. In these cases, courts will often suspend the driver’s license for 30 days, which can have a significant detrimental impact on your employment, family life, and other aspects of your life.

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Beating a speeding ticket in New Jersey can be very complicated and difficult, as the radar and laser equipment utilized by most police departments are generally reliable. However, a seasoned New Jersey traffic law attorney can find any potential holes in the case against you and maximize your chances of reducing the fines that result from your ticket or even having the offense dismissed. For examples, the officer who issued your ticket may have completed paperwork incorrectly, allowed his or her training certification to expire, or failed to properly test the radar or laser equipment that was used to detect your speed. Additionally, an experienced attorney familiar with the records kept by the authorities in speeding matters may be able to identify evidence that can show that the officer’s equipment actually malfunctioned and that the evidence against you is not reliable. Furthermore, many tickets are issued based on an officer having followed the driver, using the officer’s estimate of the driver’s speed as evidence. This approach may leave openings for a knowledgeable defense attorney to argue against the officer’s estimate as a judgment of speed, or to question the calibration and testing of the officer’s own speedometer. Other potential arguments, if properly employed, may also help reduce or avoid the potential consequences of your speeding.

In order to avoid the steep fines associated with speeding tickets in New Jersey, it is important to consult with a skilled and experienced attorney. A qualified attorney may be able to identify key facts in the circumstances of your speeding ticket that can be used to build your case against the ticket and will have sufficient experience to carefully craft your defense strategy based on a familiarity with the municipality in which you were stopped for speeding. This is important because municipalities may treat the offense differently, and may have different weaknesses in their procedures, the identification of which can be crucial to properly handling your case. Our powerful team of seasoned New Jersey traffic lawyers can help you successfully navigate the legal landscape of your speeding ticket and maximize your chances of having the ticket downgraded or dismissed. We handle speeding ticket defense in Galloway Township, Hamilton Township, Egg Harbor City, Atlantic City, and throughout Atlantic County.

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