Driver Eludes Capture even after Crash but leaves Heroin Behind

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Defendant Successfully Eludes Capture in Jersey City, NJ but Leaves Heroin Behind

According to the reports, the Jersey City police officers were involved in a high speed chase throughout the city this week. They spotted the Defendant with his headlights off, driving recklessly in the city when they attempted to pull him over. It appears that once the officers put their sirens on the Defendant took off. During the chase, the Defendant popped his tire but that didn’t stop him, he continued to elude riding only on his rim. Eventually the Defendant crashed his vehicle, however he was able to fled the scene before the Jersey City police were able to capture him. With that being said, when the officers cleared the scene, they discovered five bundles of suspected heroin inside the vehicle. If caught, the Defendant will most likely be charged with eluding in the second degree and possession of heroin with the intent to distribute in the third degree. 

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