Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute Charges Issued in Jersey City NJ

16 1/2 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Jersey City Traffic Stop

According to the reports released thus far, a forty-two year old Pennsylvania native was arrested and charged with among other things, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute in Jersey City this week. It appears that a Port Authority police officer first pulled over the Defendant back on May 15, 2015 but when he went back to his vehicle to run his license, the Defendant took off. For safety reasons, the officer decided to not chase the Defendant through the Holland Tunnel. However, the same Port Authority Police officer noticed the Defendant driving the same vehicle earlier this week. This time the officer was able to pull over the Defendant and take him into custody, not only for driving while suspended but for two outstanding warrants as well. But to make matters worse, it is alleged that once the Defendant was placed inside the cop car, he notified the officers on scene that there was some marijuana located inside his vehicle as well. As a result, a drug detection dog was requested. It is unclear what exactly happened next but a search of the vehicle was conducted.

The search of the vehicle revealed approximately 16 1/2 pounds of marijuana. The Defendant was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute as well as obstruction of the administration of justice and hindering an apprehension following the May 15 incident. The Defendant was taken to the Hudson County Jail which is located in Kearny New Jersey. He currently remains in custody on a $40,000 bail. His first court appearance will be via video conference at the Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City.

Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute Lawyers in Jersey City NJ

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