Shoplifting and Illegal Possessions at Its Peak

Shoplifting and Illegal Possessions at Its Peak

A year at its end is marked with Thanksgiving, Christmas and lots of shopping! Shopkeepers and retailers put all their stock up at discounts and announce amazing contests for customers. To ensure that the security is top notch, shop keepers are likely to be more careful at this season of the year, as thefts and robberies are usually at a peak.

Apart from the store’s own security personnel, police officers are the last resorts for avoiding and reporting such disparaging acts. Recently, New Jersey witnessed several shoplifting acts conducted by some people at various departmental stores.

A Philadelphian woman, whose name is revealed by Cherry Hill police officers as Kimberly Righi, was caught while exiting Macy’s department store with commodities worth $827.5 without any payment. The lady resides at 3200 block of Chaucer Street. This event took place when December was just around the corner, that is, on Saturday November 29, 2014. She was accused of shoplifting charges and held guilty. Lucy H. Nable, with the address 400 Block of Alexander Avenue, Maple Street; was also arrested by the police on November 26, 2014 on account of shoplifting charges. She pilfered merchandise worth $376.99 until police caught her just outside Kohl’s department store while she was attempting to escape.

Even men are not far behind when it comes to burglarizing! Edward J. Skaggs was caught by police officers who were patrolling the Springdale and Kresson roads. Skaggs, who lived at 300 Block of S. Maple Avenue at Maple Shade was caught in ownership of heroin and other drugs. He was taken into custody on account of drug possession charges. Resident of 3000 Block of Mickle Street in Camben, Michael D. Oglesby was charged of terrorist allegations when he tried to intimidate a police officer when he was already held in custody for another case about which the police chose not to reveal the details.

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