Weehawken DWI Sends Two To Hospital

Weehawken DWI Sends Two To Hospital

According to officials, A 23 year old man from Weehawken was arrested because of being charged with driving while intoxicated after supposedly crashing the vehicle he was driving into another vehicle in the Union City. The car ended up in a mother and her son getting severely injured due to which they had to be sent to the hospital.

The resident of the 3600 block, Park Avenue, Alam Batista-Feliz, was told to appear in the court on the charges of assault by auto, leaving the premises of the vehicle crash that resulted in injuring two people and driving while intoxicated. He made his first court appearance on 31st October.

The crash occurred on the Cantello Street that left a woman, 50 and her son, 20 severely injured, who were then taken to the Hoboken University Medical Center right after the crash, while Alam managed to escape. After a description of Alam’s vehicle was released, he was found by the police at the 4100 Park Avenue in the Pathmark parking area after he made an attempt to abandon the vehicle that he was driving there at the parking lot.

During investigation a Pathmark worker told the police that he had seen the driver parking his vehicle and walking away. After Alam was found by the police, before arresting him they made him administer a breathalyzer test which resulted in providing evidence that he was driving while being intoxicated and thus he was charged additionally with driving while intoxicated. The criminal complaint did not provide a detailed account of the extent and severity of the injuries that were caused by the vehicle crash on account of the fact that the calls made to the chief of the Union City Police, Richard Molinari in search of additional details, were not instantly returned.

Alam was made to appear in Jersey City’s Central Judicial Processing court through a video link from the Kearny’s Hudson County Jail. At the proceedings of the hearing, Margaret Marley, CJP Judge set Alam’s bail at $2,500 with an option of 10 percent cash. Alam’s only remarks after the announcement of the bail were, “The bail, can I pay today?” and “Where can I pay it?” Based on the amount of the bail, the Defendant has probably been charged with fourth degree assault by auto. If he is convicted, he could end up facing up to eighteen months in the State Prison of New Jersey.