When Should I Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

When Should I Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

The Sixth Amendment affords every citizen with the right to representation by an attorney. The only way to enjoy the full breadth of this constitutional protection is to retain counsel as soon as you know you are under investigation or are being arrested. This ensures that you are not placed in jeopardy and enjoy the full protection provided by law. The attorneys at our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, have the qualifications to represent you in any criminal case you may be facing. Our extensive qualifications include:

  • Hundreds of years combined experience defending criminal charges arising out of all 21 counties in New Jersey
  • A strong team of ten attorneys specialized in criminal law and committed to protecting the rights of the accused
  • Lawyers certified by the state as criminal trial attorneys
  • Former county and municipal prosecutors that are highly familiar with the law enforcement playbook 
  • Offices conveniently located within a block from most county courthouses  

An attorney at our firm is available 24/7 to answer questions and initial consultations are free. Contact us at 877-450-8301 to speak to a lawyer with the knowledge to help you.

At What Stage of a Case Should A NJ Criminal Lawyer Be Retained

Just because you were arrested, does not mean that you are guilty of any crime. The case against you begins right when you’re arrested. The police work hand in hand with the prosecutors to prove you guilty. Ideally, it would be great to contact a lawyer immediately after you are arrested. In most cases, you will be released with a summons for a court date. At that time you should immediately call an experienced attorney for assistance. The longer you delay more that your case will suffer.

Contacting an attorney early on gives you a head start on your legal defense. They can review the charges with you, explain the potential penalties, and begin exploring strategic avenues of defense way before you even step foot in a courtroom. In criminal cases, preparation and experience are key to a strong defense. In serious felony cases, hiring an attorney right away will be instrumental in ensuring that you are not detained until trial.

Defending a criminal charge can be a painful, lengthy, and difficult process. An experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney familiar with the legal system can provide invaluable emotional support. Having a lawyer there to navigate you through the intricate and often frustrating legal process can alleviate much of the anxiety that comes along with criminal charges.

Its important to remember that you can hire an attorney at any point during the criminal process. You can even approach an attorney in a courtroom. If you ultimately decide to hire that attorney, he can request to delay the proceedings and in the interim use the time to prepare a defense.

Deciding when to retain an attorney could be the deciding factor in a not-guilty verdict. If you are facing any criminal charges, the smartest move is to hire your own private attorney as soon as possible. Do not jeopardize your case, and potentially sacrifice your freedom by delaying speaking to an attorney. If you are in need of representation, our criminal defense lawyers are available to answer your questions and handle your defense. Call the Law Offices of Jonathan Marshall at (732) 450-8300 immediately for a free consultation. A lawyer from our office is accessible to address your concerns immediately.