Violation of Probation

Pennsauken NJ Probation Violation Defense Lawyer

An individual sentenced to probation is required to abide by certain standard conditions as well as any special ones imposed. Failure to adhere to these requirements, for example, submitting a dirty urine test or getting arrested, results in a violation of probation. If your violation relates to a crime of the first, second, third or fourth degree, the hearing to determine your new sentence shall be at the Camden County Superior Court. If the probation concerns an original charge that was a disorderly persons offense then your violation hearing shall be in Somerdale, Stratford, Audubon, Cherry Hill, Pennsauken or the other municipal court where you were originally charged. Our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is comprised of former prosecutors and other skilled lawyers who are highly experienced in handling probation violations. An attorney who is equipped to ensure that you do not go to jail or suffer other serious consequences is available 24/7 to assist you by calling our Cherry Hill Law Office at 856-662-8300 or contact us online.

Violation of Probation of Probation Issued in Camden County

As previously stated, there are standard conditions that apply in virtually every instance of probation. This requirement must be met to remain in good standing. Failure to fulfill one or more of these rules results in the issuance of a violation and your being required to appear before a judge for a hearing to decide your penalties. The following are some of the more common conditions imposed in conjunction with a term of probation: (1) maintaining employment; (3) undergoing drug or other counseling; (4) abiding by all laws (i.e. not getting arrested); (5) remaining drug free;  and (6) reporting to probation as directed. The most common violations which our Camden County Criminal Lawyers encounter are the submission of dirty drug tests, getting arrested or failing to report to their probation officer. At any time before the conclusion of a defendant’s probation sentence, a violation can be issued for failure to meet a condition. Your probation officer will have to establish probable cause in order for a violation to be issued or, alternatively, for the court to issue an arrest warrant for your failure to adhere to probation. There is considerable discretion on the part of the court in terms of whether a notice for a violation hearing is issued as opposed to an arrest warrant. Irrespective, you will have an opportunity to contest the allegations when they bring you before a judge. Failure to successfully defend the violation will, however, result in your being sentenced on the original offense. Typically, you will lose the opportunity for probation.

Camden NJ Violation of Probation Attorney

Most of the violations issued in the region are heard in Camden with respect to fourth degree and third-degree crimes. Irrespective of your situation, it is important that you have an attorney at your side to explain why the violation should be excused and/or why you are deserving of additional consideration for probation. Our team of lawyers has over a century of experience defending those charged with a violation of probation and know what needs to be done in order to fully protect a client faced with this issue. A lawyer at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is available now at 856-662-8300 to assist you in this capacity.