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Do you have a criminal record that’s obstructing your search for employment, your ability to adopt a child or even to attend school? Expungement of your criminal record in Camden, New Jersey may be the solution. Though not everyone is eligible, and only certain offenses may be expunged, many people can avail themselves of this service. Jonathan F. Marshall Criminal Defense Firm can review your circumstances, your record and your needs to help you determine if and how expungement can assist you.

Expungement in Camden County, New Jersey

Expungement actually isolates a criminal record rather than erases it. However, this removes the records from the “general pool” and places them in a special location with other expunged records. This way, when someone runs a background search, these expunged records do not turn up. An expungement removes not just convictions, but arrest records too.

You may be surprised to learn just how easy it is to develop a criminal record. If you have ever been charged with an offense in Camden or elsewhere in New Jersey that wasn’t traffic-related, there are probably a number of associated records now tied to you. These may include warrants, DNA, criminal complaints, fingerprints, judicial docket records and more. Now, when a prospective landlord, employer, creditor, adoption agency or insurance company requests a background check, these records will likely be revealed.

There are some very important benefits to having your criminal records expunged. Once the process is complete, you can legally state that the criminal arrest or conviction never took place. There are many professional jobs that you can apply for where your expunged records would then not be a factor. This is also the case if you apply to a professional organization or for admission to college, and even if you wish to adopt a child.

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Criminal record expungement in Camden is an extremely complex matter. The process is complicated, and strict compliance is required to be successful. The laws governing this area are often confusing and even inconsistent in some instances. Mistakes can delay or even completely halt your efforts. At Jonathan F. Marshall Criminal Defense Firm, our team is well versed in this legal area. Our knowledge and experience are invaluable in pursuing the expungement of your criminal records. We can unravel the complicated lingo for you and analyze your situation to determine if you are eligible and if so, what records can and cannot be isolated in the expungement process.

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